15 Douglas Street

County Solicitor’s Building

Bylaw: (1980)-10467

Legal description: PLAN 8 PRIORS BLK LOTS 10-14 1617 PT LOTS 1-4 PT LOT 40 RP 61R2243 PART 1

Designated portions

It is the intention of this by-law to designate, as architecturally and historically significant, only the exterior of the building at 15 Douglas Street. This would include:

  • the stone walls, with special emphasis on the Douglas Street façade
  • the present form of roof or duplication of the earlier original roof
  • the location and type of windows and doors.

Although much of the interior is old and interesting, interior details have not been included in this designation.

Property history

This structure has survived with relatively few alterations, inside or out, since it was built in 1865-66. It may be considered to be the most architecturally significant of the County’s buildings. Constructed of local limestone, the two-storey building has a distinctive façade in which quarry-faced blocks framing windows, doors and corner angles contrast with a background of smooth-faced masonry.

The ground floor was originally occupied by Hon. Adam Fergusson-Blair, County Solicitor, and the successors of that firm and its partners have continuously utilized the same space since 1865. The building has been a unique focus for the legal profession in this city. For many years, the second floor served as offices for the local Master of the Supreme Court and the Crown Attorney.