President’s House, University of Guelph

Bylaw: (1985)-11789

Legal description: To be determined

Designated portions

  • All of the exterior walls of the main stone building, with the exception of the walls pointed out in the sketch (included in by-law)
  • The current roof form, including three chimney locations, wooden bargeboards in two gable-ends, finials atop two gable-ends and the double eave-brackets.
  • The enclosed porch and 2nd floor balustrade;
  • Window and door locations.

It is intended that the following features may be restored to their earlier forms:

  • Any non-original windows or exterior doors;
  • The chimneys
  • The enclosed porch (could be restored to an open porch with full second-storey balustrade and deck, as depicted in 1910-1912).

Property history

Built in 1882, of local limestone, as the residence for the Professor of Agriculture at the Ontario Agricultural College. Moved directly across College Avenue in 1912. Used as the President’s residence from 1928 until 1984 renovation as the Hosting House.

Although some original exterior features have been altered, the house exhibits good design, quality rusticated stonework and characteristic details such as prominent bargeboards and finials, double eave-brackets and a double-arched Italianate window in the south-west wall.

The designation covers all of the exterior of the building except for two walls forming a re-entrant corner facing north. It is intended that any portion of the exterior may be restored to an earlier form.