25-27 Douglas Street

Bylaw: (1981)-10832

Legal description: PLAN 8 PRIORS BLK LOTS 10-14 1617 PT LOTS 1-4 PT LOT 40 RP 61R2243 PART 1

Designated portions

All the exterior of the building at 25-27 Douglas Street is designated by this by-law. This would include:

  • The brick walls and stone trim
  • Location and type of doors and windows
  • The decorative gables and chimneys
  • The indented corner doorway
  • The shape and pattern of the slate roof.

Interior details have not been included in this designation.

Property history

25-27 Douglas Street was constructed by the County of Wellington in 1885 to house the office of the Crown Attorney, which remained there until 1967. The offices of Guelph Township Council were located on the second floor from 1886 until 1943. More recently it has accommodated the Legal Aid Office and Small Claims Court.

The decorative gables, the west corner doorway, and the original patterned slate-tiled roof, distinguish this two-and-a-half storey structure of yellow brick trimmed with local limestone. The original architect was John Hall of Guelph. Restored in 1980, this building remains as one of the essential features of the unique Douglas Street vista.