74 Woolwich Street

County Jail and Governor’s House

Bylaw: (1983)-11332

Legal description: Lots 10, 11, 12 and 13, Prior’s Block, Registered Plan 8

Designated portions

Former Wellington County Jail

  • The exterior of the limestone walls of the two-storey building
  • The crenellated parapet walls around the roof edges
  • The seven chimneys attached to the building
  • Size and location of windows in the north, east and south walls
  • Construction of the front entrance in the north wall.

It is intended that windows may be converted to earlier types appropriate to the period of construction.

Former Governor’s Residence

  • The exterior of the limestone walls of the house
  • The hip-roof and dormer
  • The stone and wood verandah on the north façade
  • Size and location of windows and doors in the north, south and west walls
  • The two stone chimneys

It is intended that an addition may be made to part of the south wall in order to make use of the two existing doors. The connection between the house and the former jail is not included in the designation.

Property history

The exterior restoration of the jail and Governor’s Residence, built in 1911 by the County of Wellington and the City of Guelph, and the adaptation of the interiors to new use will complete the rehabilitation of the County’s complex of buildings, begun in 1980, and will balance its composition. G.A. Scroggie, Contractor constructed the buildings in 1911 to plans by W.A. Mahoney, Architect. Much of the stone used was salvaged from the original octagonal jail in 1839, the first permanent public building in town. It had been designed by Toronto Architect Thomas Young and built by William Day. A segment of the stone-walled exercise yard of 1839 survives intact in the south-west corner of the 1911 building.