93-95 Nottingham Street

Bylaw: (1984)-11610

Legal description: PLAN 8 PT LOT 379RP 61R4958 PART 3/ PLAN 8 PT LOT 379RP 61R4958 PART 1 PART 2

Designated portions

The designation covers the Nottingham Street façade, the two stone side-walls visible from Nottingham Street and the gable roof and pointed dormer of the stone front portion of the building. Designation of the walls includes the location and shape of window and door openings. Designation of the Nottingham Street façade includes the two ornate wooden porches. Also included is the chimney on the southerly end.

Property history

Built as a two unit residence for William Welsh, Tailor, in 1879-1880. It is a modest stone building in the vernacular Gothic style featuring original decorative wood verandahs at each entrance. It is unique in having an arched gable window shared between the two units.

The home remained with Mrs. Welsh until 1913 when it was sold to its next long-time owner, Charles Couling, Cabinetmaker, who remained until 1953.

Only the exterior of the stone structure visible from the street, including form of roof and chimney, is included in the designation.