220 Arkell Road

File number OZS19-017

A revised Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment have been received to create lots and blocks for 33 single detached dwellings and 64 stacked/ cluster townhouses (97 units total).  A park block, walkway/emergency access blocks, a stormwater management block, an open space block, and two ecological linkage blocks are also proposed.

Notice of Complete Application – February 2020

Notice of Public meeting to 220 Arkell Road – May 27, 2020

Revised Application – February 2024

Revised Application – April 2023

Original Application – February 2020

Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Report

Environmental Impact StudyPhase I Environmental Site AssessmentPhase II Environmental Site AssessmentPreliminary Servicing and Stormwater ManagementGeotechnical InvestigationHydrogeological AssessmentTree Preservation PlanPlanning Justification Report
Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision

Associated report – April 2019

Transportation Impact Study

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