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220 Arkell Road

February 5, 2020

File number OZS19-017 A residential subdivision is proposed on the approximately 7.0 hectare site, with 31 single detached dwellings and 60 cluster townhouse dwellings, together with blocks for a park, an stormwater management facility, an ecological linkage, a wetland, and an emergency access and trail. Notice of Complete Application – February 2020 Associated reports and materials – February 2020 Environmental Impact Study Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Preliminary Servicing and Stormwater Management Geotechnical Investigation Hydrogeological Assessment Tree Preservation Plan Planning Justification Report Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision For more information Katie Nasswetter

190-216 Arkell Road

December 5, 2018

File number OZS18-008 The intent of the application is to permit a residential subdivision comprised of stacked cluster townhouses along Arkell Road and on-street townhouses along a new public road that would eventually connect from Arkell Road at Summerfield Drive to Dawes Avenue. A stormwater management block is proposed on site as well as a conservation lands block that would function as a buffer to the wetland on the northwesterly side of the site. Notice of Complete Application – December 2018 Notice of Public Meeting  – January 2019 Public Meeting Report – January 2019 Associated reports Planning Justification Report – October 2018 Urban Design Brief – October 2018 Geotechnical Report – October 2018 Functional Servicing Report – October 2018 Stormwater Management Report – October 2018 Environmental… Continue reading 190-216 Arkell Road

46, 47 and 87 Hyland Road

March 2, 2016

File Number 23T-16501 and ZC1601 The revised proposed Draft Plan of Residential Subdivision would subdivide the property to allow the creation of 16 single detached lots. The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to rezone the subject site from the current UR (Urban Reserve) Zone and WL (Wetland) Zone to the R.1B (Residential Single Detached) Zone. Revised Submission 2018 Notice of Resubmission – June 2018 Hydrogeology Study – March 2018 Stormwater Management Report- January 2018 Draft Plan Grading and Servicing Plan Environmental Impact Study – March 2018 Original Submission 2015 Notice of Complete Application – February 25, 2016 Public Meeting Notice – May 9, 2016 Public Meeting Council Report – May 9, 2016 Draft Plan of Subdivision January 2016 Preliminary Grading and Servicing  January 2016 Preliminary… Continue reading 46, 47 and 87 Hyland Road

20 and 37 Cityview Road North

January 14, 2013

Proposed Plan of Subdivision to create 261 Dwelling Units. Proposed Zoning Amendment to rezone subject lands from UR, FL and R.1 and R.2 Zones to R.3B-7, R.4A, P.1, P.2 and WL Zones Continue reading 20 and 37 Cityview Road North

132 Clair Road West

March 7, 2011

Application for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit a Community Shopping Centre Zone and a Cluster Townhouse Zone. Continue reading 132 Clair Road West