Guelph Community Food Forest


93 Ironwood Road, located in University Village Park.

About the food forest garden

  • Food forest gardens are a mixture of multi-purpose plants that mimic a woodland ecosystem. It is designed to grow abundant and diverse crops with minimal maintenance, and welcome and feed both humans and wildlife.
  • The food forest is maintained by volunteers and can be used for education purposes on topics of food security, urban green space design, water management, pollinator habitat and natural heritage.
  • It is planted with a variety of trees, shrubs and other plants. It will become a community resource to harvest a variety of different food from in addition to bringing biological diversity to the urban forest. It will also attract and benefit a diversity of wildlife and pollinators.
  • The forest and path system are open to all to stop by for a tour!
  • Volunteers to help with weeding and general maintenance are always welcome.

Get involved

To find out more or volunteer contact [email protected] and visit

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