Eastview Pollinator Habitat Projects


800 Watson Parkway North at Eastview Community Park. The Remediate garden is located across from the soccer fields and the pollinator park restoration project is located on top of the former landfill.

About the pollinator habitat projects

Two volunteer-led pollinator projects are underway at Eastview park that aim to create habitat for pollinators.

Remediate Pollinator Garden

  • The ReMediate project is a collaborative textile and audio installation at the Eastview Landfill site.
  • It was created by volunteers with Pollination Guelph including local artists, Christina Kingsbury and Anna Bowen, and is maintained entirely by volunteers.
  • It features a quilt, hand-made from recycled paper embedded with native pollinator-friendly seeds, the pieces of which were sewn together on-site by Christina and public participants.
  • Anna Bowen produced a series of poetry vignettes inspired by the history of the site and the making of the quilt.
  • As the seed quilt breaks down pollinator friendly plants grow in the different patches of the garden providing pollinator habitat and a garden space open to everyone.

Pollinator Park Restoration Project

  • Pollination Guelph is leading a long-term, multi-stage project to seed native pollinator friendly plants on the decommissioned Eastview Landfill site.
  • The goal is to create a large expanse of habitat for a variety of pollinators and birds.

Get involved

Pollination Guelph welcomes volunteers interested in being involved in either project. New volunteers are especially welcome to help with weeding and watering the large Remediate garden! For more information visit pollinationguelph.ca/gardens or contact [email protected].