Guelph Civic Museum Naturalized Habitat Garden


52 Norfolk Street, on the Guelph Civic Museum property.

About the garden

  • The area in front of the Guelph Civic Museum has been beautifully landscaped with a mix of over 35 species of native shrubs, wildflowers and grasses.
  • Some examples of native plant species you will see on your visit include Hazelnut, Serviceberry, Bee Balm and Evening Primrose.
  • The native plants work together to provide a combination of food and shelter to pollinating insects, birds and other wildlife. All across the country, native pollinators are decreasing. Increasing the habitat for these pollinators is important for their survival and for ours.
  • Stop by to enjoy the beautiful naturalized landscape that provides aesthetic interest year round.

Get involved

This garden was designed to provide an example of a beautiful low maintenance landscape that also provides habitat for wildlife and to inspire residents to create similar habitat gardens at home. Come check it out and get inspired!

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