Royal City Park Butterfly Garden


139 Gordon Street, located on the south side of Royal City Park, diagonally across from McCrae House.

About the garden

  • Planted in 2002 by volunteers from the neighbourhood with the purpose of attracting and nourishing butterflies and other native pollinating insects.
  • The garden is maintained by volunteers.
  • The garden contains drought-tolerant perennial plants, most of which are native to the region. Examples of some of the plants growing in the garden are spiderwort, New England aster, gray-headed coneflower, wild bergamot, tall coreopsis, purple coneflower, hoary vervain and golden Alexander.
  • All across the country, native pollinators are decreasing. Increasing the habitat for these pollinators is important for their survival and for ours. Some of the pollinators that are attracted to the plants in this garden are tiger swallowtail butterflies, monarch butterflies, American painted lady butterflies, great spangled fritillary butterflies, bumble bees, leaf cutter bees, paper wasps, mason wasps, hummingbird moths and many types of flies.
  • This garden was made possible through a generous grant from the Community Action Fund of the Guelph & Wellington Credit Union Limited.

Get involved

Come visit the garden and get inspired to create your own pollinator garden! New volunteers are always welcome to come out help maintain this garden, please contact [email protected].

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