Grow Garden Project


7427 Wellington County Road 30, at Grace Community Church.

About the garden

Membership is free, plot members are asked to grow extra produce for local food pantries, help maintain shared garden spaces, other garden duties such as filling rain barrels and transporting food to donation locations.

The aim of the garden is to help participants learn to garden and grow food for themselves and the community. We would like to give people a chance to understand the importance of a fresh food diet, while also helping relieve some of the strain on their monthly food budget. The excess food will be donated to a few emergency food pantries in Guelph which also feed those in need during challenging times. On average the GROW garden donates between 600 and 800 lbs of produce a year!

The GROW Garden is a stepping stone for learning and self-sustainability with an emphasis on community building. Our hope is to bring people together through gardening and to better our community through sharing, teamwork and a positive experience.

Rent a plot or get involved

For more information about the garden, volunteer opportunities and donations visit the GROW Project Guelph on Facebook and @growprojectguelph on Instagram.
Contact Coordinator – Meredith Sweeney [email protected]