FarmFresh: Pay on your way Community Garden Project


Located behind the 186 Fife Road co-operative building.

About the garden

This is an innovative community garden project aiming to reduce local food insecurity while recovering costs and becoming self-sustainable. The objectives of the project are to supply FarmFresh fruits and vegetables in an environmentally sustainable way, especially for seniors, students, and new immigrants who have limited or no access to fresh produce.

How it works

  • Volunteers and staff work together to grow vegetables.
  • Half of the vegetables that are grown on this site are distributed to people in need via a “FarmFresh: Pay on your way” or pay what you can model.
  • The remaining half of the vegetables are sold to charitable organizations or non-profits like the university. This allows the project to recoup costs and become self-sustaining. These organizations in turn will sell the produce at affordable and sometimes sliding scale prices.

Get involved

This project is an initiative of GreenTech AgriFood & Innovation Canada (GAIC). It is open to anyone who is willing to volunteer in the garden throughout the growing season from March-October to join in preparing seedlings, planting, harvesting and weeding. Please contact [email protected] to get involved. More details are available on GreenTech AgriFood & Innovation Canada’s facebook page.