Stone Road cycling improvements

Hanlon Expressway to Edinburgh Road

The City of Guelph is working to design and construct cycling infrastructure on the north and south side of Stone Road.

Some turning lanes may be impacted after construction, however; sidewalks, bus stops and existing travel lanes will remain the same.

This project supports the planning and policies found within the City’s Cycling Master Plan, Active Transportation Network and Official Plan to encourage and support healthy, safe and convenient modes of transportation within our community.

Construction timeline

Construction is expected to start in 2028.

All construction notices, including timing updates and traffic changes, will be posted at and in the Latest updates section below.

Community engagement

The City hosts open houses to provide detailed project information to interested residents and stakeholders. Open house notices are posted in the Latest updates section below. Open house materials will be available in this section following the event.

Stone Road Proposed Cycling Improvements Virtual Open House: June 21, 2021

Open House script

The City of Guelph appreciates your patience and understanding as we complete this important infrastructure project.

For more information

Anindita Datta, Project Manager
Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2756
[email protected]