Speedvale Avenue corridor improvement projects

The City of Guelph is improving the entire Speedvale Avenue corridor, from Elmira Road North to Stevenson Street. This multi-year project aims to transform Speedvale Avenue to achieve the City’s overall vision for the roadway – infrastructure upgrades, active transportation improvements and bridge replacement work will improve the quality of Speedvale Avenue for people who choose to walk, cycle, drive, or take public transit, for businesses that rely on customers to easily access their goods and services, and for commercial and transport industries that rely on the railway system.

This work is critical to the city’s growth, especially as we take action to support a growing population and a housing target of 18,000 homes by 2031.

This map shows the project areas and timelines for the work to be completed.

Please select the construction project you are interested in and would like to learn more about.

Speedvale Avenue East improvements

Glenwood Avenue to Manhattan Court – This phased project includes infrastructure upgrades, active transportation improvements and bridge replacement work.

Emma Street to Earl Street active transportation bridge – This bridge was identified in our Trails Master Plan to provide an alternative pedestrian and cycling route for those looking to cross the Speed River, particularly during the planned reconstruction of the nearby Speedvale Bridge.

Speedvale Avenue West improvements

Elmira Road North to Imperial Road – We are building an asphalt multi-use path on the north side of Speedvale Avenue West. In addition, we’re replacing the existing water main, installing a new storm sewer and restoring the curbs and asphalt in the westbound lanes.

Edinburgh Road North to 93 Speedvale Avenue West – We are replacing sewer systems, watermains, and traffic lights at Westmount Road. These improvements will improve the quality of water and sewer systems for everyone living and working in the area.

Silvercreek Parkway North to Lewis Road – We are planning to replace the watermain in this section in 2029.

Speedvale Avenue East and Victoria Road North – This project includes a watermain connection across the Victoria and Speedvale intersection.

Silvercreek Parkway North improvements

Speedvale Avenue West to Woodlawn Road – This project includes upgrades to the existing watermain and sanitary sewers, installing new curbs, adding multi-use paths and repaving the road.