Speedvale Avenue construction projects

We have a number of construction projects happening along Speedvale Avenue. Please select the construction project you are interested in and would like to learn more about:

Speedvale Avenue East improvements

Manhattan Court to Woolwich Street.

Speedvale Avenue improvements from Manhattan Court to Woolwich Street including bridge replacement over the Speed River.

Speedvale Avenue West multi-use trail and infrastructure improvements

Elmira Road North to Imperial Road.

The City is working to construct an asphalt multi-use path on the north side of Speedvale Avenue West. Work includes the replacement of the existing watermain, construction of a new storm sewer and restoration of the curbs and asphalt in the westbound lanes.

Speedvale Avenue watermain and asphalt replacement

Hanlon Expressway to Edinburgh Road.

The existing watermain along Speedvale Avenue from Hanlon Expressway to Edinburgh Road is being replaced, along the north side of Speedvale Avenue. Once the watermain is complete, the road will be repaved from the Hanlon Expressway to Edinburgh Road.