Downtown Infrastructure Revitalization

We have a great downtown and want it to stay that way for years to come. Today, we have aging water and sewer pipes, roads and sidewalks. Our goal is to improve this critical infrastructure to provide quality service and support the vitality of our downtown core. Work like this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to research, engage with the community, plan and implement. And yes, that means construction but we’re not we’re not looking to start any construction before 2024. This construction will replace our aging infrastructure and upgrade utility services, and before we put the roads back together, we will have an opportunity to modernize and upgrade the streetscape.

This important project will improve our downtown for all businesses, residents, users and visitors. Let’s work together to make our downtown even better.

Study area

The primary study area is located north of the railway tracks. Key streets include:

  • Baker Street from Quebec Street to Woolwich Street
  • Quebec Street from Wyndham Street North to Norfolk Street
  • Wyndham Street from Carden Street to Woolwich Street
  • Macdonell Street from Norfolk Street to Carden Street
  • Woolwich Street from Macdonell Street to Norfolk Street
  • Macdonell Street and Allan’s Dam structures over the Speed River

Map of study area

Community engagement

The success of the Downtown Infrastructure Revitalization project depends on quality, ongoing community engagement during plan development and throughout construction.

Although there will be no interruptions to Downtown Guelph until construction starts in 2024, we plan to work closely with our downtown community to plan construction phases with many opportunities to provide input and feedback.

Project approach and timeline

  • 2021: Start project planning
  • August 2021: start community engagement
  • 2021 to 2022: Capital Implementation Plan (CIP) and Environmental Assessments (EA) of the Macdonell Street (Allan) Bridge and Wyndham Street
  • February 2022: Virtual town hall #1 to discuss study recommendations for Macdonell Street (Allan) Bridge EA
  • March 2022: Virtual town hall #1 and #2 to discuss preferred solution for Wyndham Street EA
  • March 2022: Virtual town hall #2 to discuss preferred solution for Macdonell Street (Allan) Bridge EA
  • June 2022: Present preliminary findings of the Capital Implementation Plan
  • September 2022: present recommendations to Council for both EAs
  •  2023: detailed design
  •  2024: anticipated start of construction

Tier 1 project supporting Guelph’s Strategic Plan

The Downtown Infrastructure Revitalization work will be managed as a Tier 1 City project. Tier 1 projects are the City’s most complicated and high-value projects.

This project aligns with both the Building our future and the Powering our future priorities in the City’s Strategic Plan by maintain existing community infrastructure assets and developing new ones as well as fostering downtown business innovation to support a thriving downtown Guelph. This work also supports the Community Plan by ensuring our downtown continues to grow as a destination hub of historic beauty and character, with unique retail opportunities, entertainment and tourist attractions.


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For more information

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Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
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