Grove Street retaining wall repairs

The City is working with J.L. Richards & Associates Limited to explore options to repair or replace the retaining wall located near the Clara Street pedestrian access. The most recent inspection of the retaining wall showed signs of further decline. Barriers have been placed along the wall from 112 to 172 Grove Street as a safety measure and to reduce the risk of further wall damage that could impact traffic lanes in the area.

In addition to monitoring the condition of the retaining wall, the City has completed a condition assessment of the underground utilities. Because of the age and condition of the underground utilities, full road reconstruction is recommended for this section of Grove Street.


The safety measures put in place have reduced the amount of on-street parking on the north side of the street. Parking on the south side of the street is available to replace the parking spots on the north side.

Please note that for safety reasons parking along the barriers is not permitted.


Construction will take place over several phases:

  • Phase 1 is the pre-design work scheduled to commence in 2023
  • Phase 2 is the detailed design set for 2024
  • Phase 3 is for construction with an anticipated start in 2025


Funds have been allocated to cover the first phase of this project scheduled for 2023. Costs associated with the second third phases of this project will be considered during the City’s multi-year budget process.

For more information

Jackie Kay, Project Engineer
Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2251
[email protected]