Planning and Building Services contacts

Planning and Building Services is located at City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph, Ontario.

Building Services 519-837-5615 [email protected]
Planning Services 519-837-5616 [email protected]

General Manager/Administration

Name Position Email Phone
Krista Walkey General Manager Planning and Building Services [email protected] Extension 2395
Neelam Motihar Project Manager – LSSBB DPI [email protected] n/a
Vaille Laur Administrative Coordinator Planning Services [email protected] Extension 5617

Development Planning

Name Position Email Phone
Chris DeVriendt Manager, Development Planning [email protected] Extension 2360
Randy Harris Planning Technician II [email protected] Extension 2377
Laurie Iversen Planning Clerk [email protected] Extension 2363
Ryan Mallory Planner III Senior Development Planner [email protected] Extension 2298
Kelley McCormick Planner III Senior Development Planner [email protected] Extension 2359
Eric Rempel Planner I Development [email protected] Extension 2617
Anand Shah Planner II Site Plan [email protected] n/a
Lindsay Sulatycki Planner III Senior Development Planner [email protected] Extension 3313
Rory Templeton Landscape Planner [email protected] Extension 2436
Rui Tong Planning Technician II [email protected] Extension 3461
Matthew Yu Planning Clerk [email protected] Extension 5616

Policy Planning and Urban Design

Name Position Email Phone
Jason Downham Planner II Policy Analytics [email protected] Extension 2262
Jane Gurney Supervisor, Environmental Planner [email protected] n/a
Ryan Hamelin Planner II Environmental [email protected] Extension 2718
Leah Lefler Planner III Environmental [email protected] Extension 2362
Brenna Mackinnon Project Manager [email protected] n/a
Malik Majeed Project Manager [email protected] n/a
Jack Mallon Planner I Heritage [email protected] Extension 3872
Cushla Matthews Development Advisor [email protected] Extension 3982
Lucas Mollame Planner II Policy [email protected] Extension 3879
Katie Nasswetter Project Manager, Policy Planning [email protected] Extension 2356
Karen Reis Planner I Environmental [email protected] Extension 2563
Stephen Robinson Planner III Senior Heritage Planner [email protected] Extension 2496
Craig Vallesi Policy Clerk [email protected] Extension 2459

Building Services


Name Position Email Phone
Jeremy Laur Chief Building Official [email protected] Extension 2379
Minna Bunnett Administrative Assistant, Building [email protected] Extension 2387
Aman Gill Project Manager Business Analyst [email protected] Extension 3459


Name Position Email Phone
Nicholas Rosenberg Program Manager, Permits [email protected] Extension 2285
Natasha Bagasar Records Coordinator, Building [email protected] Extension 2335
Laurie Belanger Plans Examiner III [email protected] Extension 2234
Daewon Lee Technical Lead – Plans Examiner [email protected] Extension 2347
Kelsey McEachern Customer Service Clerk II Permits [email protected] Extension 3997
Devon Myers Plans Examiner II [email protected] Extension 3359
Anna Stavro Building Permit Coordinator [email protected] Extension 2330
Marcelina Unold Clerical Assistant I [email protected] Extension 3864
Roger Vaughan Plans Examiner I [email protected] Extension 3952


Name Position Email Phone
Vacant Program Manager, Zoning [email protected] 519-937-5615
Bruce Aubrey Zoning Inspector II [email protected] Extension 2340
Lesley Gill Zoning Inspector I [email protected] Extension 3347
Jennifer Jacobi Zoning Inspector Legal Process Coordinator [email protected] Extension 3456
Michelle Mercier Zoning Coordinator [email protected] Extension 3367
Kelly Patzer Zoning Inspector III / Senior Bylaw [email protected] Extension 2382


Name Position Email Phone
Tom Czerlau Program Manager, Inspections [email protected] Extension 2110
Patrick Andres Technical Lead Resource Conservation & Mechanical Systems [email protected] Extension 3478
Robert Aspinall Mechanical Inspector II / Backflow Prevention Officer [email protected] Extension 3447
Thomas Barwell Mechanical Inspector III [email protected] Extension 2733
Ray Borthwick Building Inspector II [email protected] Extension 2299
Chris Catteau Technical Lead Residential Inspections [email protected] Extension 2643
Claire Collinson Customer Service Clerk III, Inspections [email protected] Extension 2607
Jeff Crossman Mechanical Inspector II / Backflow Prevention Officer [email protected] Extension 2725
Adam Dussault Building Inspector II [email protected] Extension 3625
Lauren Holtzhauer Customer Service Clerk III, Inspections [email protected] Extension 3319
Bridget Irving Building Inspector I [email protected] Extension 3357
Ian Malcolm Technical Lead Commercial Inspections [email protected] Extension 2514
Adam Murray Building Inspector I [email protected] Extension 4115
Donna Palmer-Hurst Backflow Prevention Program Coordinator [email protected] Extension 2376
Varatha Rajan Building Inspector III [email protected] Extension 3699
Jeromy Ruetz Building Inspector II [email protected] Extension 3472
Josh Wagner Mechanical Inspector III [email protected] Extension 3695
Jeremy Zegers Building Inspector III [email protected] Extension 3618