Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review: Documents

Phase 4 Public Meeting- Proposed Zoning Bylaw and Mapping

Proposed Zoning Bylaw, Public Meeting- July 2022

Draft Zoning Bylaw, Track Change Version- July 2022

Proposed Companion Official Plan Amendment- July 13

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Mapping- Public Meeting

Phase 3 Zoning Bylaw- First Draft

New Draft Zoning Bylaw for ReviewNew Draft Zoning Bylaw Mapping

Phase 2 Discussion papers

Comprehensive zoning bylaw review discussion paper – Final versionGuelph parking standards discussion paper – September 2019

Phase 1 Community engagement

Community Conversations Presentation – February 26 and 27, 2019

Community Conversation Boards

Terms of Reference

Project Charter – October 31, 2018

Council and Committee reports

Phase 4 Statutory Public Meeting Report, Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw – July 13, 2022

Phase 3 Public Release of First Draft – November 2021Additional Residential Dwelling Units – Decision Report – December 2020

What we heard- summary of phase two public consultation – February 2020

Discussion papers – October 2019

Project Initiation – January 14, 2019

Reference materials

Commercial Zones fact sheet

Employment Zones fact sheet

Institutional Zones fact sheet

Mixed-use Zones fact sheet

Natural Heritage System Zones fact sheet

Open Space etc. fact sheet

Parking and Driveways Zones fact sheet

Residential Zones fact sheet

Zoning 101 fact sheet