Draft bylaws, reviews and updates

In this section…

  • Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

    We’re reviewing the existing Zoning Bylaw to ensure it aligns with the City’s updated Official Plan, reflects current zoning practices and works for you and your neighbours today and in the future.

  • Downtown Zoning Bylaw update

    Commercial downtown zones were reviewed and an amendment was made to the City’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law (1995)-14864.

  • Guelph Farmers’ Market: Refreshing Our Local Tradition

    We’re in the process of refreshing the Guelph Farmers’ Market to build and expand on what is already a vibrant local tradition. Starting with our vendors and moving to our customers, we’re driving an important discussion that’s answering many crucial questions that will help us update market policies and procedures.

  • Procedural Bylaw review

    We’re reviewing our Procedural Bylaw. The bylaw is a set structure that guides processes for Council and committee meetings to carry out the business of the City. Some of the things the bylaw outlines includes: how Council members cast their votes, how late Council meetings can run, conduct for Council, how residents delegate and interact with Council and how public meetings are communicated to residents.

  • Sewer Use Bylaw update

    We’re updating the Sewer Use Bylaw (1996)-15202, which regulates what can and can’t go down Guelph’s drains.

  • Short-term rental licensing

    Short-term rentals in Guelph are active and growing, with listings in online markets that help connect people looking for short-term rentals with people who want to rent or sublet a space. Unlike hotels and bed and breakfasts, these short-term rentals are operating in Guelph without health and safety, zoning and parking guidelines that many businesses with licences are required to have.

  • Trailer Parking Bylaw

    The City is exploring a bylaw for street parking of trailers to balance the need for parking while considering community safety.