Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

Zoning Bylaw Review

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

Zoning By-law (2023)-20790Interactive Zoning By-law map (2023)-20790

New City of Guelph Zoning Bylaw (2023)-20790

On April 18, 2023, City Council approved the new Zoning By-law (2023)-20790.

Zoning By-law (2023)-20790 is currently under appeal. Any application made during the appeal period must comply with both Zoning By-laws, (1995)-14864 and (2023)-20790.

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What is a zoning bylaw?

A zoning bylaw is a series of rules that tell us:

  • What a property can be used for;
  • How big the property or structure can be;
  • Where buildings can be placed;
  • How tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built, and;
  • How many parking spaces are needed, and where the parking spaces can be located.



Phase 1
Project Initiation (January to March 2019)


Phase 2
Research and Analysis (January to December 2019)


Phase 3
First Draft Zoning Bylaw (Q4 2021)


Phase 4
Final Zoning Bylaw Approval (Q2 2023)

Phase 5
Implementation (2023+)

Scope of project
Community engagement

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