Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

Zoning Bylaw Review

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

Additional Residential Unit Review: Planning Act Update to the Official Plan and Zoning BylawComprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review Phase 2 Discussion Papers

We’re reviewing the existing Zoning Bylaw to ensure it aligns with the City’s updated Official Plan, reflects current zoning practices and works for you and your neighbours today and in the future. Really, we’re making sure all the pieces fit together to support our shared vision for growth as laid out in the Official Plan through a new set of rules. Those rules will be identified in the new zoning bylaw.

To do this, we have to look at each and every property in Guelph—each residential, commercial and industrial property, all City-owned and private property, everything. This is why it’s important you participate in the review. We want to know what works for you, what doesn’t and what you would like to see in the new zoning bylaw.

What is a zoning bylaw?

A zoning bylaw is a series of rules that tell us:

  • What a property can be used for;
  • How big the property or structure can be;
  • Where buildings can be placed;
  • How tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built, and;
  • How many parking spaces are needed, and where the parking spaces can be located.

Know your zone

When we are done, we will have a map of the city that is zoned appropriately for our various uses. The new zoning bylaw will protect conflicting land uses from locating near each other, and provides a way for the City to manage land use and future development.

Based on which zone your property is in, you will know which set of rules apply for you. Knowing your zone before you plan a project will save you time, money and resources.

Current Zoning Map



Phase 1
Project Initiation (January to March 2019)


Phase 2
Research and Analysis (January to December 2019)

Phase 3
First Draft Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan Amendment (Q3 2021)

Phase 4
Final Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan Amendment, and decision
(Q1/Q2 2022)

Phase 5
Implementation and Appeals (2022+)

The project timeline was updated to reflect the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and staff resources.
Scope of project
Community engagement

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