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Proof of vaccination and medical exemption requirements

COVID-19 information

Proof of vaccination

As of September 22, all individuals aged 12 years or older (this includes adult users) attending an indoor recreation facility must provide original copy of identification (no photos, no copies accepted) and proof of vaccination or medical exemption for:

  • attending a facility rental;
  • watching/supervising a game or activity;
  • Using the washrooms or visiting customer service.

Anyone under 18 years older is exempt from providing proof of vaccination or medical exemption if participating in an organized sports program. This includes sports leagues and organized pick-up sports.

How to get your vaccine receipt

The province is working to roll out a digital vaccine certificate and exemption platform. Until then, you can carry or show your digital or paper vaccine receipt or medical exemption.

Available facility rentals

Are you planning a wedding reception, swimming party, family reunion, picnic, sporting tournament, banquet, seminar or meeting?

The City of Guelph has a variety of well-priced facility rental options throughout the city that are perfect for your next private or corporate function. Our inventory of facilities for rent includes gymnasiums, performance theatres, auditoriums, meeting and activity rooms and swimming pools.

Find out today what our indoor and outdoor recreation facilities have to offer. For more information and to inquire about availability, call us at 519-837-5678, email [email protected] or request facility information online.

Facility discounts

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