Other facility rentals

COVID-19 information

Proof of vaccination

As of September 22, all individuals aged 12 years or older (this includes adult users) attending an indoor recreation facility must provide original copy of identification (no photos, no copies accepted) and proof of vaccination or medical exemption for:

  • attending a facility rental;
  • watching/supervising a game or activity;
  • Using the washrooms or visiting customer service.

Anyone under 18 years older is exempt from providing proof of vaccination or medical exemption if participating in an organized sports program. This includes sports leagues and organized pick-up sports.

How to get your vaccine receipt

The province is working to roll out a digital vaccine certificate and exemption platform. Until then, you can carry or show your digital or paper vaccine receipt or medical exemption.


  • Market Square flag raisings
  • City Hall Galleria
  • Royal City Park Sacred Fire
  • Lobbies at recreation facilities

One-off other facility rental

The City of Guelph offers other facility rentals for customers who are looking to rent one time or on an occasional basis. Please note that a minimum of 72 hours is required for processing new or additional rental requests.

Special events

The City of Guelph offers the above locations for special events. To host a special event that is not a tournament, please submit the following form.

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Facility Booking Team at 519-837-5678, option 1, or [email protected].