Cancellation Policy

Special Events:

Refunds are given to users that provide written notice at least 30 calendar days advance of the booked date.

If notice is given in writing 15 calendar days prior to the booking, the event can be rescheduled to a mutually agreed upon available date, within the current month, and not to exceed 6 months from date of original booking. If an alternative date cannot be identified, refunds will not be issued.

Special Event and Road Closure Applications fees associated with Special Event applications (where applicable) are non-refundable.

Picnic Shelters, Riverside Sign, and Mobile Signs:

Refunds are given to users that provide written notice at least 15 calendar days advance of the booked date.

Refunds will not be given for inclement weather.

Bookings for Outdoor Spaces and Indoor Facilities (i.e. sports fields and parks, gyms, community rooms, pools, Guelph Sports Dome and arenas) – Seasonal and Single Bookings:

Seasonal users (including school boards) will receive a Booking and Information Package which outlines  booking season dates and timeline for booking requests

Refunds are given to users that provide written notice at least 30 calendar days advance of the booked date.

Within 30 days, no refunds will be issued, and no amendments will be refunded

Cancellations between 15 and 30 days of booking date will be permitted to reschedule to a mutually agreed upon available date within the current season. No refunds will be permitted on the amendment

Groups receiving the youth facility discount will be charged at the regular non-discounted rate for all unused time

Bookings that are consistently cancelled or not used will be removed from the following year’s allocation

Playoff Cancellations:

During end of season elimination playoffs, leagues may cancel, in writing, 10% of their playoff bookings (as identified on your playoff identification form) without penalty.

This applies to elimination rounds only – round robin playoffs or tournaments are not eligible.

In order to be eligible for playoff cancellations, you must provide the City with a copy of your league regulations, specifically those that apply to playoffs.

Playoff Identification forms are due to facility booking staff no later than January 2

School Board Bus Cancellations:

If the school board cancels bus service there will be no penalty for cancelling the booking that day

Written notice must be given by the next business day

City of Guelph initiated Cancellations:

The cancellation of any booking on a City maintained outdoor space or indoor facility is at the sole discretion of authorized City of Guelph staff.

There will be no charge to the user

At the end of the season, all credits will be refunded

Due to the mandate and license agreement in place at the Sleeman Centre arena, users may be bumped for special events and the scheduling needs of the Guelph Storm and CEBL Nighthawks.

Sports field Closures:

Using the fields during inclement weather conditions will damage them, and may necessitate their closure for periods of time.

Sports field staff will make a determination on closure of fields, weekdays by 2 p.m. – at which time the Sports Field Status page on the City’s website will be updated.

Bookings will be automatically removed from contracts when fields have been closed by the City.

Users are responsible to monitor the sports field status webpage

100% compliance is expected when fields are closed by the City.

Groups who continue to play on closed or wet fields will be charged and invoiced at the full unsubsidized rate and will be held responsible for the cost of field repairs and any resulting lost revenues; and further, can have their facility permits revoked.

If rain begins after 2:00pm, please exercise due diligence and responsibility by refraining from using fields. Damaged fields can be closed for extended periods of time to the detriment of other permitted user groups.

Groups who refrain from using fields due to poor field conditions and/or weather at their own discretion must notify the City in writing within 24 hours, in order to receive a credit