Aquatic season bookings

A minimum of 72 hours is required for processing new or additional booking requests.

By mail:
Recreation Support Services, Facility Booking, West End Recreation Centre, 21 Imperial Road South, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1X3
By email:

Aquatic Special Events Application

Please send all amendment requests in writing to one of the addresses noted above.

Aquatic facility closures

  • Friday, January 1, 2021
  • Monday, February 15, 2021
  • Friday, April 2, 2021

Rental information

Facility allocations

Until a dedicated “Pool Allocations Policy” has been approved by City Council, pool space and Aquatic Centres will continue to be allocated in a manner consistent with previous years’ practice. This practice is based on the previous years’ allotment and the City’s approved allocation prioritization schedule as a guideline:

  • City of Guelph Aquatic programs
  • Regional, Provincial, National, International special events (youth and adult)
  • Existing youth community group rentals, tournaments and special events
  • Adult community groups rentals, tournaments and special events
  • New youth group program
  • Existing youth group program expansion
  • Existing adult group program expansion
  • New adult group programs
  • Out of City organizations

In order to be considered in the facility allocation, a group must:

  • Be in good financial standing with the City of Guelph.
  • Complete and submit their sports group statistics by April 24, 2019.
  • Provide proof of their status (i.e. youth community group) when requested to do so.
  • Return all Aquatic Facility Request forms.
  • Utilize or return all allocated times. Groups not using booked times at a facility will lose their right to that space. Repeat non-usage of allocated space may result in loss of priority consideration and/or access to City owned and operated facilities.
  • Youth groups receiving the youth facility discount and not using allocated times will be invoiced the full unsubsidized price and may lose their right to that timeslot.
  • Adhere to all contract conditions.
  • Adhere to all municipal policies and bylaws, including the R-zone policy and to provincial and federal legislation.

The City will take every measure to accommodate all user group requests and needs, however:

  • The City does not guarantee the renewal of annual pool time and will not be held responsible for any failure to provide space due to circumstances beyond its control.
  • Loss of facility space due to unforeseen circumstances (for example maintenance, closures) following the initial facility distribution will be borne by the user of the facility and will not impact other user’s allocation or City programs.

Rental contracts

  • Signed rental contracts and insurance forms must be received by June 28, 2019 to indicate your agreement to the rental terms and thus guarantee your bookings.
  • Any change or amendment made to a contract must be received in writing and a signed amendment permit must be received back before groups will be permitted to use the facility.
  • All coaches or onsite persons in charge are to carry copies of the signed rental contract as they must be produced upon request.

Liability insurance

  • All groups must have liability insurance coverage. Your coverage must be a minimum of $2,000,000 General Liability with the City of Guelph named as an additional insured.
  • If you prefer, the City can offer coverage through Pearson Dunn Insurance. Please indicate this preference on your booking request form.
  • Note that seasonal insurance purchased through Pearson Dunn may cover two tournaments. Additional coverage must be purchased for tournament bookings and for licensed or large scope tournaments.

Payment terms and schedule

Tournaments, swim meets and special events: Payment must be received in full at least 2 weeks prior to the start date.

Ongoing bookings: Groups in good standing are invoiced on the first day of the month prior to the month in which the booking occurs. Payment must be received no later than the last business day of the month prior to the month in which the booking occurs.


  1. Seasonal users (including school boards) will receive a Booking and Information Package which outlines booking season dates and timeline for booking requests
  2. Refunds are given to users that provide written notice at least 30 calendar days advance of the booked date.
  3. Within 30 days, no refunds will be issued, and no amendments will be refunded
  4. Cancellations between 15 and 30 days of booking date will be permitted to reschedule to a mutually agreed upon available date within the current season. No refunds will be permitted on the amendment
  5. Groups receiving the youth facility discount will be charged at the regular non-discounted rate for all unused time
  6. Bookings that are consistently cancelled or not used will be removed from the following year’s allocation

Rain cancellation – Lyon Pool only

  • The pool may remain in use during rain. Should lightning and/or thunder occur the pool will close for 20 minutes after the last sighting or sound.
  • The City of Guelph aquatic deck supervisor will make all necessary calls and will inform the club at that time.

Pool admission standards and guidelines

  • Children six (6) years of age or younger, regardless of swimming ability, must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian at least fourteen (14) years of age, who is wearing swimming attire, within arm’s reach, and able to render immediate assistance.
  • There are a maximum of two (2) children per parent/guardian.
  • A facility swim test may be attempted to use the slide and participate in deep end activities.
  • Children ages seven to nine (7–9) who DO NOT pass the facility swim test are required to wear an orange wristband, and must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian at least fourteen (14) years of age, who is wearing swimming attire, within arm’s reach, and able to render immediate assistance.
  • There are a maximum of two (2) children per parent/guardian.
  • Children ages seven to nine (7–9) who DO pass the facility swim test are required to wear a green wristband and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least fourteen (14) years of age who maintains visual contact and remains in the pool viewing area at all times. Participants with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by individuals knowledgeable of their condition, and have the ability to render immediate assistance.
  • Children ten (10) years of age or older do not require supervision by a parent/guardian.

Facility swim test

  • Pool admission standards and guidelines apply to all recreational swims.
  • Aquatic staff may ask any participant for a demonstration of swimming ability if they feel there is a question of personal safety.
  • To successfully pass the facility swim test individuals must swim forward roll into the water, swim two continuous widths on their front and tread water for 30 seconds.

Swimming attire

  • All patrons must wear appropriate swimming attire suitable for a public family environment. Swimming attire is defined as clothing that is clean and used specifically for the purpose of swimming.

Special event and meet procedure

  • A special event application must be filled out for each meet and/or special event that you are booking.
  • Once your request has been received, reviewed and confirmed, you will be contacted and advised of any additional requirements or licenses needed in order to proceed with your event.

Depending on the particulars of your event, additional requirements may include but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining approval from the supervisor, aquatics and inclusion for the sale of any items.
  • Hiring City of Guelph event staff and /or security to staff hallways for bare feet and wet swimmers if volunteers are not being provided.
  • Health Unit notification if you are serving or selling food to the public.
  • Special occasion permit if you will be serving or selling alcohol.
  • A Building permit application will be needed if you will be erecting a tent greater than 60 square metres
  • Fire Dept. signoff if you will be having barbecues
  • Hiring paid duty police officers if you are serving or selling alcohol.
  • Obtain permit for electrical work and inspection upon completion.
  • Obtain a SOCAN license if playing live or recorded copyrighted music.

General courtesy and care of facilities and communities

  • Please exercise extreme caution and reduce speed when driving through the parking lot where children may be walking or playing.
  • Litter – All facilities have reuse containers. Please ensure that all participants, coaches, parents and/or spectators use them.
  • Additional cleanup/fix costs may be levied to groups for leaving a facility in an unkempt, littered or damaged condition.
  • Please refrain from bringing glass containers, food and nut products into the change rooms.
  • If something is spilled or broken in the lobby, viewing galleries or change rooms, please inform staff immediately.

Access to the deck

  • Access to the deck will be limited to the time specified on your permit.
  • Change rooms will be opened for access 10 minutes prior to permit time.
  • No outside footwear is permitted on the pool deck.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck (non-breakable containers with water only are exempt).
  • All street clothing must remain 6 feet from pools edge.
  • Access to the aquatic guard office is for City of Guelph aquatic staff only.
  • Any necessary set up or takedown of equipment must occur during the permitted time.
  • Subletting of the facility is prohibited.
  • Exercise room and sauna are not available to participants during practices at the West End Community Centre.


  • Clubs are responsible for their own equipment.
  • All specialty equipment required for practices or meets/special events must be provided and maintained by clubs unless alternative arrangements have been made by the club and the City.
  • Storage of equipment – The City of Guelph has limited storage space. Only regular practice equipment may be stored in a neat and secure manner if arrangements have been coordinated with the recreation coordinator, aquatics.
  • All equipment must leave the aquatic facility at the end of the season.
  • City of Guelph equipment may not be used unless prearrangements have been made by the club and the City.
  • The City does not provide office or administrative space to user groups unless separately contracted.


A City of Guelph aquatic deck supervisor must be present, and a minimum of 1 Lifeguard must be on deck at all times. Additional lifeguards will be required based on the City of Guelph lifeguard to bather ratio, or at Victoria Road Recreation Centre if the rental timeframe exceeds 2 hours

Guard ratios

Lyon and West End Recreation Centre pools

Number of patrons Number of guards
1-30 1
31-125 2
126-250 3

Victoria Road Recreation Centre pool

Number of patrons Number of guards
1-60 2
61-125 3
126-250 4
251-440 5

The City will provide additional lifeguards upon written request a minimum of 24 hours in advance and subject to staff availability.

Thank you for your continued patronage of City of Guelph aquatic facilities.

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns we would be very pleased to address them.

Facility Booking Staff
[email protected]