Pool rentals


The City of Guelph has pools at the following recreation facilities:

Important Dates

The 2023-24 Fall/Winter aquatics season is scheduled to end on March 31, 2024.

The Spring/Summer 2024 aquatics season runs from April to August 2024. New requests for this season are now being accepted.

Aquatics Booking Information

Review the aquatics booking information package to learn important details related to dates, location-specific, etc.

All pool rental inquires need to be reviewed by the City of Guelph Aquatics Department.

Aquatics Booking Package

Rates and Fees

Hourly resident fees (Guelph address) rate associated with renting pools are outlined below (*please note that there is a surcharge for non-residents and commercial organizations).

All rates and fees will have an additional fee of tax and insurance.

Victoria Road Recreation Centre

  • Single Lane (25m): $25.64
  • Deep Pool or Shallow Pool (25m setup): $153.90
  • Full Pool (50m setup): $238.02
  • Leisure Pool: $153.90
  • Pool Complex: $340.31

West End Community Centre

  • Single Lane: $25.64
  • Lap Pool: $153.90
  • Leisure Pool: $153.90
  • Therapy Pool: $76.95
  • Pool Complex: $340.31

One-off pool rentals

The City of Guelph offers pool rentals for customers who are looking to rent one time or on an occasional basis. Please note that a minimum of 72 hours is required for processing new or additional requests.

If you are looking to rent a pool on a one-off basis, please submit the following form.

Seasonal pool rentals

The City of Guelph offers seasonal pool rentals for customers who are looking to rent five (5) or more times. Examples of seasonal pool rentals include a competitive swimming team or synchronized swimming team.

If you are looking to rent a pool on a seasonal basis, please submit the following form.

If you are looking for more information on how to become a seasonal user group, please contact the Facility Booking Office at [email protected] to receive a booking information package by email.

Swim meets and special events

Seasonal user groups may request to rent facility space to host a sporting tournament.

The City of Guelph offers facility space to be used to hold special events.

To host a sporting tournament or special event, learn more about our new online special event application and approval software, Eproval. Please review the following information and special event process.

Special Events

Swim schedules

Please note this page is for aquatics rentals. View recreation and fitness swim schedules.

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Facility Booking Team at 519-837-5678, option 1, or [email protected].