Outdoor community ice rinks

Outdoor community ice rinks are maintained by neighbourhood volunteers. These unsupervised skating rinks are for everyone to enjoy. The map above shows open rinks as green, open (skate with caution) in yellow and closed in red.

We update this list once per week on Fridays.
About the Community Ice Rink Program

Outdoor community ice rink locations (weather permitting)


  • Burns Drive Park: 25 Burns Drive
  • Gateway Drive Public School, 33 Gateway Drive
  • Gosling Gardens Park: 75 Gosling Gardens
  • Jubilee Park: 11 Sweeny Drive
  • McAlister Park
  • Riverside Park East: 55 Riverview Drive
  • Riverside Park West Skate Trail
  • Sir Isaac Brock Public School, 111 Colonial Drive
  • St. George’s Park: 40 Metcalfe Street
  • Sunny Acres Park: 45 Edinburgh Road, North
  • Waverley Park: 70 Balmoral Drive
  • Wolfond Park: 230 Arthur Street, North

Open, proceed with caution

  • Dovercliffe Park: 38 Dovercliffe Road
  • Exhibition Park: 81 London Road
  • Herb Markle Park: 175 Cardigan Street
  • Northview Park
  • Orin Reid Park: 120 Goodwin Drive


  • Brant Avenue Park: 601 Woodlawn Road East
  • Carter Park: 1 Fletcher Court
  • Grange Road Park: 598 Grange Road
  • Mollison Park: 85 Downey Road
  • Peter Misersky Park: 122 Hadati Road
  • Stephanie Drive Park, 275 Stephanie Drive
  • Westwood Public School, 495 Willow Road
  • Willow Road Public School
  • Wilson Farm Park: 80 Simmonds Drive

Outdoor community ice rink rules

  • CSA approved hockey helmets are strongly recommended for skaters’ and hockey players’ protection. Bike helmets do not provide adequate protection. Neck guards and face masks are strongly recommended for hockey players.
  • Skating or acting in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skaters’ safety or pleasure is not permitted.
  • Supervision of children under the age of 12 is strongly recommended.
  • Abusive language and aggressive behaviour are not permitted. Be respectful and responsible.
  • City-issued pond hockey nets are preferred.
  • Participation is at the user’s own risk. No responsibility is accepted or undertaken for the well-being of either the user or their property.

This code was developed by the City of Guelph and community neighbourhood volunteers.

Report vandalism to the Parks Operations and Forestry at 519-837-5626.
Report serious misconduct to the police.

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