2024 Community Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2024 Grant Amount Years of Funding
10 Carden Shared Space (10C) Funding will support community outreach, tabling external events, member and community events, volunteer support and engagement. $4,000 1
Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph The grant will support 80% of children to experience an improvement in their literacy/numeracy skills, leading to a positive sense of self. $11,000 1
Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington Funding will allow the Minds in Motion program to continue assisting citizens dealing with dementia. $1,000 1
Art Not Shame (ANS) Funding will support the use of new space for community- based art with 5 community groups and 50 new Guelph residents accessing each year. $12,000 2
Brain Injury Association Waterloo Wellington Funding to support the expansion of the Care to Share program which gives helmets, free of charge to children in the community. $1,000 1
Chalmers Community Service Centre Funding will provide food relief to those people who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness, abuse, trauma and precarious housing and others living in poverty. $13,000 2
Child Witness Centre Funding will provide support for victimized youth and offer trauma and mental health services. $5,500 1
Children’s Reading Room Funding will offer literacy programs to children of all ages as well as a free book for each child. $1,000 1
Church of the Apostles (St. James and St. Matthias) Funding through the grant will support the Living Better on Less Program and our newest initiative, Supper Club. $3,000 1
Community of Hearts Funding will support curriculum-based programming for people 16+ with developmental exceptionalities to build independence, self-confidence, and be engaged community members. $10,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
E3 Global Communities Connection (E3GCC) Funding is for new program to bring diverse culture together in a common interest of cooking. $1,500 1
Ed Video Media Arts Centre (Ed Video Inc) Funding will support residents to enjoy the creation of video work that is accessible, affordable and contributes to both individual and community identity. $2,000 1
Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Funding will help to grow the Festival Sunday audience and outreach to young families, Indigenous communities, and those of colour, as well as LGBTQ2S and disabled communities. $4,500 2
eMerge Funding will support various events and seminars to keep people informed and motivated to take climate action including the eMERGE EcoMarket. $2,500 1
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre Funding is to help eliminate food insecurity within Guelph/Wellington area. Working with community partners to distribute produce within the community. $2,500 1
Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County This would fund a pantry program which allows youth to access 6 times in 1 year for cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies. $6,000 2
Focus on Nature Funding will provide a photography program in Guelph area schools as well as day camp programming. $2,000 1
Food4Kids Guelph Funding is provided for food packages for children to get through the weekend. $10,750 1
Guelph (M.O.G.) Welcome In Drop In Centre (AKA – Stepping Stone) Funding will go towards a small social enterprise model of employment for individuals that are on their path to housing stability. $3,000 1
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Inc. Funding is for the 3-day multicultural event; to support equality and inclusivity and community engagement. $9,250 3
Guelph Black Heritage Society Funding will go towards programing, special events at Heritage Hall, and promoting Guelph’s distinctive place in rich Black history. $8,000 1
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) The grant will be used to acquire software to improve community awareness of active transportation and improve membership engagement to move Guelph towards active transportation. $2,500 2
Guelph Comedy Festival Funding will support an annual 3-day comedy festival of stand up, improv and sketch, that puts inclusion and community first. $5,000 1
Guelph Community Health Centre (The SEED) Funding will go towards the SEED program to implement a Fresh Food Prescription program and pay-what-you-can groceries for food-insecure community members. $7,000 1
Guelph Concert Band Funding will help assist with increased rehearsal rental fees. $1,125
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Dance This grant will support the annual Guelph Dance Festival as well as a variety of arts education and community engagement activities. $2,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Enabling Garden Funding will support Tea n Tales events, garden space, and to have additional Horticultural Therapy workshops in the Garden and off site at seniors’ residences, assisted living, community sessions. $6,000 2
Guelph Film Festival The grant will support the annual film festival which presents up to 30 feature and short films and showcases stories of marginalized individuals and communities. $10,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Fringe Festival Funding to provide for hiring a coordinator to manage the festival with support from volunteer committee. $6,800 3
Guelph Hiking Trail Club Funding will be used for updating hiking trail guidebook – both digitally and hardcopy. $2,500 1
Guelph Jazz Festival Funding will assist with all operational aspects of the festival. $5,750
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Little Theatre Funding would be for program Family Outing – booster seats, change station; drawing station; and subsidy rate for families and seniors. $3,125
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Off-Road Bicycle Association (GORBA) Funding will provide new signage on trails, offer new programs for youth and training for volunteers. $3,000 2
Guelph Outdoor School Funding will support access to no cost programing at the Shelldale Centre and the 2 Row Paddle event. $7,500 1
Guelph Soccer Club Incorporated Funding is to increase the volume of women involved in coaching to provide our girls with role models and the opportunity to envision themselves as future leaders and coaches. $3,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Symphony Orchestra Funding is to offer a variety of inclusive programs to the Guelph community. $4,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Guelph Tool Library Funding will support the Guelph Tool Library access to over 1,000 tools to help provide a sense of independence while removing financial barriers. $8,500 1
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association Funding will support training for GWSA board members. $5,750 1
Guelph Wish Fund for Children Funding to support staff training and to expand the roster of children receiving wishes. $4,000 2
Guelph Youth Singers The grant will support the organization to run musical theatre summer camp for up to 50 singers. $3,500 1
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis Funding to promote programs with a video and print campaign and short video of programs. $9,250 1
Hillside Community Festival Funding will go towards two festivals, several concerts, and online courses in sound recording, production, spoken word, and songwriting. $8,000 1
Hospice Wellington Funding will help develop and expand our music therapy program, which benefits our palliative patients, their families, and our caregivers. $2,000 1
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington Funding to assist with offering 5 programs for newcomers to Canada. $6,000 2
J.O.E. Jobs Opportunities Enterprise Funding will establish new partnership opportunities for employment within the community and enhance online training programs. $775 1
Junior Achievement South Western Ontario Funding is to support youth learning about global economy $1,200 1
Kindle Communities This grant will allow for the hours at the Shelldale Centre to be extended on weekends, providing 15 hours of services and access each weekend. $8,000 1
Lakeside Hope House o/a Hope House Guelph Hope House is supporting the expansion of Art Etc, a community program that meets at 1 p.m.-4 p.m. every Saturday. Art Etc provides participants with free art supplies, such as canvases, paint, clay, beads, colouring books, etc. Volunteers prepare hot meals and offer coffee and snacks. $3,500 1
Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services This grant will help empower resilient women to overcome barriers by providing shelter and support to pregnant and parenting women and their children in need. $8,000 1
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch Funding is to support youth year end excursion $2,000 1
New Horizons Band Guelph Funding for the rental of facilities to hold concerts, promotion and to support our plans to partner with local schools and seniors’ homes and share bussing costs to and from concerts. $1,250
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Nightingale Centre for Grieving Children Youth and Families Funding will be for volunteer training programs to build the skills of our leaders, facilitators, peer support staff and our volunteers as well as support for programs: peer support and SEaM. $7,200 2
Out on the Shelf Inc. Funding will allow for OOTS to offer a safe space for inclusive programming. $3,600
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Rainbow Chorus Waterloo Wellington Funding will assist with offering an inclusive space for all to participate in choral concerts. $2,500 1
Rainbow Programmes for Children Funding to support all children having access to summer camp. $4,200
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
Royal City Science Funding is to have the Science North Exhibit come to Guelph in June for a Month to teach about climate change with and interactive exhibit. $2,000 1
Sanguen Health Centre Funding will support the Community Health Van with scheduling van stops, peers, picking up supplies and donations, and interacting with visitors. $11,000 1
Shelldale Family Gateway The grant will assist the organization to welcome and support children, youth and their families living in the Shelldale Family Gateway Community by providing programs, services, and leadership opportunities. $11,000 2
Shelter Movers Southwestern Ontario Funding will support moving survivors of abuse to safety and growing capacity to move more families. $6,000 1
Silence Funding will assist with operational costs for all programming and concerts. $2,500 1
STEM Camp Funding will support offering spaces in camp for children with financial restraints. $2,000 1
Strong Start Funding will run a program that assists children up to 9 years with learning to read, working in conjunction with Guelph area schools. $5,000 3
Torchlight Services Funding will support fixed and variable costs directly related to the operation of the “Ignite” social enterprise. $12,000 1
Up and Running Guelph The grant will support walking and running programs as well as community outreach and partnership development with agencies serving populations vulnerable to mental illness. $7,500 1
Victor Davis Memorial Non-profit Homes Funding is for energy audit and certification. $4,000 1
Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy, on behalf of the Guelph Community Health Centre Funding will be used for to start a Community of Practice (CoP) that will include representation from multiple substance use organizations within Guelph to share resources and information. $11,375 1
Wellington Water Watchers Funding is for reduce Environmental justice harms by coordinating interim access to water, sanitation, & climate shelter. $2,000 1
West Village Community Development Co-operative This grant will support programs that support basic needs, finances, build skills & knowledge, social connections, grow personal assets, and volunteer engagement and development. $9,000
A portion of the funds includes City Fee Reimbursements
YMCA of Three Rivers (Midwestern Ontario) Funding is to help support the Neuro Fit is a smart start to exercise for those living with disability from stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and spinal cord injury. $4,000 1

Total Funds: $362,650 (including $30,000 in City Fee Reimbursements)