2023 Community Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2023 Grant Amount Years of Funding
10 Carden Shared Space Funding will support community outreach, tabling at external events, member and community events, volunteer support and engagement. $4,000 2
Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph The grant will support 80% of children to experience an improvement in their literacy / numeracy skills, leading to a positive sense of self. $11,000 2
Art Not Shame Funding will support the use of new space for community-based art with 5 community groups and 50 new Guelph residents accessing each year. $11,000 3
Brain Injury Association Waterloo-Wellington The grant will go towards expanding programs to meet the needs of individuals with brain injuries, their caregivers & families in Guelph. $8,000 1
Career Education Council Funding will support resources for local employers and educators, as well as planning and putting on a career or job event focused on youth in marginalized groups, community partners, and local employers. $3,000 1
Chalmers Community Services Centre Funding will provide food relief to those people who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness, abuse, trauma and precarious housing and others living in poverty. $12,000 3
Child Witness Centre Funding will ensure that program delivery is reflective of a trauma-informed approach that ensures children, youth and families are informed, supported and included throughout the criminal court process. $5,000 1
Church of the Apostles The grant will help support the provision of 200 nutritious meals a week for a year (10,000 meals) and distribute 30 Grocery Bags per week (1500 grocery bags). $12,000 1
Community of Hearts Funding will support curriculum-based programming for people 16+ with developmental exceptionalities to build independence, self-confidence, and be engaged community members. $11,000 2
Diyode Maker’s Club Funding will support community members who could not afford membership fees as well as to help pay the moving costs in the new space. $2,500 1
E3 Global Communities Connection Inc The grant will help provide a strong foundation for our organization, support basic staff salary, and create a website and communication system. $5,500 1
Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Funding will help to grow the Festival Sunday audience and outreach to young families, Indigenous communities and those of colour, as well as LGBTQ2S and disabled communities. $4,500 3
Elora House Funds provided will help support survivors in our community by providing essential programs and services and giving them access to the tools to help them continue their journey to recovery. $4,700 1
Focus on Nature The grant will support nature photography workshops in local schools, and to community groups. $3,750 1
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Inc. Funding will support the Multicultural Festival in Guelph that has been organized and enjoyed by the community for over 36 years. $9,000 1
Guelph Black Heritage Society Funding will go towards programing, special events at Heritage Hall, and promoting Guelph’s distinctive place in rich Black history. $7,000 2
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation (GCAT) The grant will be used to acquire software to improve community awareness of active transportation and improve membership engagement to move Guelph towards active transportation. $7,000 3
Guelph Comedy Festival Funding will support an annual 3-day comedy festival of stand up, improv and sketch, that puts inclusion and community first. $5,000 2
Guelph Community Health Centre (The SEED) Funding will go towards the SEED program to implement a Fresh Food Prescription program and pay-what-you-can groceries for food-insecure community members. $6,000 2
Guelph Community Singers The grant will allow GCS to increase its revenue stream and safely bring choral music to more Guelph citizens. $3,500 1
Guelph Concert Band Funding will help assist with increased rehearsal rental fees. $3,250 1
Guelph Enabling Garden Funding will support Tea n Tales events, garden space, and to have additional Horticultural Therapy workshops in the Garden and off site at seniors’ residences, assisted living, community sessions. $6,000 3
Guelph Film Festival The grant will support the annual film festival which presents up to 30 feature and short films and showcases stories of marginalized individuals and communities. $8,000 2
Guelph Fringe Festival Funding will support the sustainability of the festival with part-time staff support. $8,700 1
Guelph Little Theatre Funding will help provide more opportunity for local performers to share their talents on both our main stage, lobby stage, and at possible outdoor events. $2,700 1
Guelph Minor Hockey Association Funding will support facility and ice rentals. $3,000 1
Guelph Symphony Orchestra The grant will allow the organization to mentor more youth, showcase diversity, and use music and free outreach concerts as a tool to help people experience a sense of community. $10,500 1
Guelph Tool Library Funding will support the Guelph Tool Library access to over 1,000 tools to help provide a sense of independence while removing financial barriers. $8,500 2
Guelph United Football Club Funding will support field rental for games, practices, and training. $3,000 1
Guelph Youth Music Centre Funding will help ensure the facility is running optimally, from basics such as heating/cooling, cleanliness, safety and comfort to office/IT needs and staffing. $8,000 1
Guelph Youth Singers The grant will support the organization to run musical theatre summer camp for up to 50 singers. $5,100 2
Guelph Jazz Festival Funding will support permits and fees for the festival to give residents access to exceptional artistic experiences. $2,400 1
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis Funding will support several annual events to share knowledge, engage our community, promote healthy relationships and contribute to a safe and vibrant city. $2,260 1
Hillside Community Festival Funding will go towards two festivals, several concerts, and online courses in sound recording, production, spoken word, and songwriting. $8,000 2
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington The grant will help the organization to support clients not supported by federal funding. $7,000 1
J.O.E. (Jobs.Opportunity.Enterprise.) Funding will support adults with developmental disabilities to gain confidence and community connections that can lead to employment opportunities. $7,000 1
Kindle Communities This grant will allow for the hours at the Shelldale Centre to be extended on weekends, providing 15 hours of services and access each weekend. $6,500 2
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph Funding will support the festival that offers the unique opportunity for music students to participate in competitive and/or non-competitive classes in a wide variety of musical disciplines and genres. $1,500 1
Hope House Funding will allow the organization to grow and expand Art Etc., an existing community drop-in art program. $2,000 1
Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County Funding will support an evidence-based reading support program that provides one on one tutoring for children 6 -12. $9,000 1
Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services This grant will help empower resilient women to overcome barriers by providing shelter and support to pregnant and parenting women and their children in need. $8,000 2
Muslim Society of Guelph Funding will support transportation and storage of donated furniture, kitchenware, and other items for refugee families resettling in Guelph. $5,500 1
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch Funding will go towards a set of no-cost activities geared to the physical and mental development of youth aged 9 to 18 years. $2,000 1
Out on the Shelf Funding will support the re-opening of the Out on the Shelf library Guelph Pride festivals activities. $4,125 1
Rainbow Programmes For Children The grant will help support recreational day camp experience in a caring and open environment which embraces diversity, inclusion and supports kids of all abilities. $5,500 1
Royal City Aquatics Funding will support pool use and facility rentals for the organization. $3,000 1
Royal City Athletics Club Funding will help host more track and field meets to provide local competitive opportunities for the community. $5,000 1
Sanguen Health Centre Funding will support the Community Health Van with scheduling van stops, peers, picking up supplies and donations, and interacting with visitors. $11,000 2
Seed Stewardship Project The funds will support Miiniaaknens (The Seeds) or Miinikaan (The Seed): an Indigenous-led Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Seed-Saving Stewardship commitment to All Our Relations. $7,000 1
Shelldale Family Gateway The grant will assist the organization to welcome and support children, youth and their families living in the Shelldale Family Gateway Community by providing programs, services, and leadership opportunities. $10,000 3
Silence Funding will support opportunities to engage with music, sound making, visual art, theatre, and multidisciplinary experiences in an intimate setting. $6,000 1
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch Funding will help volunteers of the Therapy Dog Division and supply them with the training and equipment to serve more of the community. $1,925 1
Torchlight Services Funding will support fixed and variable costs directly related to the operation of the “Ignite” social enterprise. $15,000 2
Up and Running Guelph The grant will support walking and running programs as well as community outreach and partnership development with agencies serving populations vulnerable to mental illness. $6,500 2
Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy Funding will support the design of standardized, evidence-based training for Harm Reduction Workers whose clients use illicit substances. $8,900 1
West Village Community Development Co-operative This grant will support programs that support basic needs, finances, build skills & knowledge, social connections, grow personal assets, and volunteer engagement and development. $5,000 2

* indicates a portion or all of funds awarded are for the City Fee Reimbursement Fund
Total Community Grant Funding for 2023: $323,600
Total City Fee Reimbursement Funding for 2023: $28,710