2018 Community Wellbeing Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2018 Allocation
10 Carden Shared Space (10C) Funding will support community animation and the organization and presentation of community workshops, hands-on support and collaboration with members. $8,000
Action Read Community Literacy  Centre This grant will support the hiring of staff to run programs serving caregivers and their children, through learning activities fostering social development and literacy. $10,000
Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region This grant will assist with peer support programs for adults grieving the loss of their spouses, parents, friends, siblings and children. $3,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph Funding will support three in-school mentoring programs by connecting at-risk youth with positive and committed adult role models. $5,000
Chalmers Community Services Centre Funding will support work towards the reduction of food insecurity in the community by ensuring guests are receiving healthy food in a caring community. $11,000
Child Witness Centre This funding supports programs for children and youth who are victims and witnesses of crime and their families. $1,800
Community Justice Initiatives’ Mediation Guelph-Wellington Funding will support increased mediations, conflict skill-building workshops, and events, offering peaceful positive ways of resolving conflict in the community. $2,000
Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre This grant will allow for the diversification and strengthening of program offerings through the hiring of staff with expertise in personal training and mental health. $4,500
Community Torchlight Funding supports infrastructure updates including computer upgrades that will grow with the programs as demand increases, and supports the onboarding of volunteers. $2,500
Ed Video Media Arts Centre This grant will support the continued operation of edit suites, workshops, exhibition programs, community outreach programs and support for local artists. $13,000
Everdale This grant will support the hiring of youth leaders and the engagement of youth at the Guelph Youth Farm, enhancing food literacy, civic engagement, and capacity-building for young leaders. $4,000
Festival of Moving Media (Guelph Film Festival) This operating grant supports the annual festival and will allow for the hiring of skilled employees, and the maintenance of accessible low cost participation fees. $5,500
Focus on Nature Funding will strengthen the capacity, providing a bridge to nature and the arts for young people raising awareness of the benefits of getting kids outdoors, exploring and appreciating their local natural environment. $5,000
Guelph & District Multicultural Festival Funding supports the delivery of free family entertainment, a platform for local artists, musicians, and vendors, and provides education about our multicultural community. $10,000
Guelph Black Heritage Society Funding will support the continued conservation efforts of Heritage Hall (83 Essex Street). $4,500
Guelph Chamber Choir The grant will be support a presentation of Brahms’ A German Requiem in March of 2018. $3,000
Guelph Comedy Festival Funding supports the annual festival and a variety of comedy workshops, including improve, comedy writing and stand up, nurturing new and emerging talent. $2,000
Guelph Community Health Centre, The Seed Project Funding will support the establishment of a new Community Food Market location through staffing to oversee the development of the new location. $5,500
Guelph Concert Band This operating grant will support a summer concert series at several outdoor venues throughout the city. $3,000
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival (Guelph Dance) Funding will be used to support the 20th annual Guelph Dance Festival, the Arts Explosion camps and contemporary dance workshops. $13,000
Guelph Jazz Festival The grant will support the annual Guelph Jazz Festival and the 2018 Market Square program including a Friday Night Street Music Party in September. $13,000
Guelph Pipe Band Funding will support the purchase of uniforms, drums and musical equipment. $3,500
Guelph Rugby Football Club This operational grant will allow the club to improve their youth rugby program and build upon recent successful seasons by offsetting tournament expenses. $2,500
Guelph Spoken Word Funding will support the 10 year anniversary and the hosting of the Canadian Festival of the Spoken Word, a week long poetry festival. $3,500
Guelph Symphony Orchestra Funding supports the GSO Main Stage Series, a free Children’s Concert Series, and outreach programs including the GSOKids Club, and GSOBridge. $10,000
Guelph Youth Music Centre The grant will be used to expand existing programs to reach more children in Guelph, engaging them in activities which will advance creativity and social development. $5,000
Guelph Youth Singers This operating grant will support rehearsals, training, workshops, performance opportunities, community outreach initiatives and bursary development. $2,500
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis Funds will support public awareness and participation in the International Women’s Week, Take Back the Night, Sisters in Spirit and the December 6 Vigil events. $3,000
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph This operating grant will support the presentation of two festivals featuring indie, indigenous, and world music, and educational workshops. $10,000
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington Funding supports a mentorship program pairing Canadian born with newcomer families wishing to learn more about family life in Canada and local activities. $4,000
J.O.E. (Jobs. Opportunities. Enterprise.) Funding will support marketing and the hiring of a job coach to assist adults with developmental disabilities to learn employment skills. $5,000
Kazoo! Festival This operating grant will support year-round activities including the Kazoo! Music Series and the annual Kazoo! Festival. $6,000
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph This grant will support the continued operation of the festival and the celebration of diversity through beautiful music. $3,000
Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre Funding will support programs providing opportunities to learn new skills crucial for the health and wellbeing of young mothers and their children. $8,500
Muslim Society of Guelph The grant supports the Building Bridges event, where members of faith-based, cultural and social service groups connect and share their diverse contributions to Guelph life. $2,700
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch Funding will support training nights, “on-board” weekends, and participation in competitions contributing to improved health, increased responsibility and confidence of youth participants. $2,500
Norfolk Street United Church Trust on behalf of North End Harvest Market This funding will support the operation of the North End Harvest Market, and the distribution of free fresh vegetables, fruit and bread and offering of social supports. $4,000
Out on the Shelf Inc. Funding will support offset the operating costs of Guelph pride, the library and programming for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. $4,200
Rainbow Chorus, The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends Funding will support the celebration of diversity and the GLBT community through honorarium, concert production and promotional materials. $1,500
Rainbow Programmes for Children This grant supports the one-on-one and Teen Camp programs designed for Teens with special needs looking to build life skills. $5,000
Royal City Musical Productions Inc Funding will contribute to high quality productions for the community, enriching the lives of the performers and audience members by offsetting production costs. $2,500
Shelldale Better Beginnings Better Futures The grant will be used to introduce programs that celebrate diversity through arts, culture, sport and recreation, allowing families to break down barriers and participate. $8,500
Silence Funding will support the provision of affordable, educational and hands-on experienced to the community of Guelph, and support local musicians. $5,000
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch This grant will contribute towards the training and expenses of volunteers, and support therapy dog programs including Paws for Reading and Take a Paws. $3,500
The Church of St. James the Apostle The grant supports the Living Better of Less program for residents living on less by necessity or for the sake of their health, their finances and the environment. $5,000
The Guelph Enabling Garden Funding supports the programming of this accessible destination allowing participants to experience the restorative value of nature while focusing on the community. $5,000
The Julien Project The grant will support horticultural and urban agricultural skill development programs for marginalized youth and adults, and therapeutic gardening workshops for mental health participants. $3,000
The West Village Community Development Co-operative Ltd. Funding will support the annual Fall Fair, a Star Gazing event, and the further development of a Summer Market. $5,000
Torchlight Services Funds will support the development of a new space conducive to newly legislated provincial programming requirements. $10,000
Transition Guelph Funding will offset the cost of hiring a Tool Library Coordinator, repair and maintenance costs for the tools, and memberships for those who cannot afford the cost of the Tool Library Membership. $5,000
Welcome In Drop In Centre The grant will support the Meal Program providing meals while creating a community and providing support for individuals that are vulnerable and isolated. $5,500
Wellington Water Watchers The grant will support the hiring of a part-time Executive Director to coordinate and increase volunteer participation and training, leverage support and maintain the website and social media outreach. $6,500
Wyndham House Funding will support the Long Term Transitional Housing programs providing long-term stability to young people experiencing a housing crisis, and the education and life skills necessary to become independently housed. $7,000
Yorklands Green Hub This grant would support the hiring of an executive director needed to secure funding, increase awareness and direct community outreach. $5,000