2019 Community Wellbeing Grant allocations

vRoyal City Musical Productions Inc
Organization How funds will be used 2019 Grant Amount
10 Carden Shared Space (10C) The funding will support staff hours to expand & strengthen volunteer engagement. $8,000
Action Read Community Literacy Centre This grant will help cover shortfalls in the family literacy program. $10,000
Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region This grant will support the Living with Loss program in Guelph as well as 2 educational sessions specific to the holidays. $2,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph This grant will support the program activities of the second In-School Mentoring caseworker & include ongoing support for this caseworker from our incumbent ISM casework staff. $6,000
Chalmers Community Services Centre The funding will ensure all guests receive a food basket of healthy food and contribute to the overall well-being of the people in the community. $11,000
Child Witness Centre This funding will ensure that young people who are victims or witnesses of crime and their families receive trauma-informed support. $1,800
Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre Funding will support an eight month program, Independent Hearts.  Supported by a one-on-one Life Skills Educator, participants will gain necessary skills to live alone. $4,750
Diyode Makers Club Funding will support the operations of the shared workspace and resources that are available to all members, including maintenance, repairs, and training. $3,000
Ed Video Media Arts Centre To fund operations making it possible to provide 24 hour edit suites, workshops, and exhibition program for new media, mentorships & support for artists across the community. $13,000
Emerge Guelph Sustainability Funding will allow eMERGE to increase promotion of the Home Tune-Up Program (HYU) and the 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (100RE) work to expand programming and improve results. $6,000
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre This funding will develop and launch the Guelph-Wellington (GW) Food Project.  The GW Food Project will train and employ youth and utilize volunteers to grow food that will be distributed throughout Guelph & Wellington for hunger relief. $6,500
Focus on Nature The funding will strengthen capacity, providing a bridge to nature for young people raising the awareness of the benefits of getting kids outdoors, exploring and appreciating their local natural environment. $5,000
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Inc. Funding will support the operating expenses for the 3-day annual festival focused on promoting multiculturalism. $8,000
Guelph Black Heritage Society This Grant will help with the launching of the Rehearsal Studio, a safe and inclusive space for musicians. $5,500
Guelph Chamber Choir Grant funds will be used for rental costs for rehearsal & concert venues in the Guelph Youth Music Centre, River Run & St George’s Anglican Church. $3,000
Guelph Comedy Festival The funding will support the annual festival and a variety of comedy workshops, including improv, comedy writing and stand up, and nurturing new and emerging talent. $2,500
Guelph Community Health Centre This funding will support the Strengthening Families Program to enable Indigenous families to create spaces that honour and foster their cultural wellbeing, while addressing systemic oppression. $4,500
Guelph Concert Band This grant will help fund general operating costs and the staging of a free summer concert series at the Royal City park bandstand. $3,000
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival Funding will support the Guelph Dance Festival, as well as Arts Explosion Camps for kids from junior kindergarten to grade 8, and contemporary dance workshops. $13,000
Guelph Creative Arts Association The funding will go towards increasing membership among youth with a program designed to showcase the work of high school students and to mentor young people to properly display and take pride in their work. $1,000
Guelph Film Festival (A Festival of Moving Media) The grant will support new initiatives such as the Tiny Docs for Tiny People series (documentaries by kids under 11), youth programming and Moving Histories/Neighbourhood Mysteries. $5,000
Guelph Jazz Festival The grant will support the annual Guelph Jazz Festival and the 2019 Market Square program including a Friday Night Street Music Party. $13,000
Guelph Pipe Band The grant will fund expansion into 3 bands and as a result will require additional uniforms & equipment. $3,500
Guelph Rugby Football Club The grant would allow the club to send new coaches to training courses, allow youth players to attend refereeing courses, and allow the club to pay for much needed assistance in the management of the club. $3,000
Guelph Spoken Word The funding will support Guelph Spoken Word hosting the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in the fall 2019. $3,500
Guelph Symphony Orchestra The funding supports GSO Main Stage Series, Youth Outreach Programs, Kinderconcert Series, Masterclasses with visiting artists, Orchestral Apprentice Program and Outreach Talks & Lecture Series. $9,000
Guelph Youth Music Centre The grant will be used to expand a variety of existing musical programs and to add an Indigenous studies component. $6,000
Guelph Youth Singers The funding will support ongoing programs, training, workshops, performance opportunities & mentorship. $2,500
Guelph Youth Volleyball Association The grant will support expanding the development and in house programs to meet the growing needs of the community. $4,500
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis The funding will support public education on healthy relationships and gender-based violence through events including International Women’s Day, Take Back the Night, Sisters in Spirit, and the December 6 Vigil. $3,000
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph The grant supports two full three-day festivals featuring indie, Indigenous and World music, song writing courses, educational workshops in Indigenous culture and song writing, and Youth showcases. $8,000
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington The funding will support creating a program specifically geared for newcomer seniors to break down cultural and linguistic barriers through the arts. $8,000
J.O.E. (Jobs.Opportunities.Enterprise) The grant will support an increase of volunteers, community awareness & Pop-Up Café community opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. $6,500
Kazoo! Festival The funding will support operating expenses and will enhance programming, increase organizational capacity and expand audience development initiatives. $6,000
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph The grant will support the continued operation of the festival & awards ceremony to offer music students both competitive and non-competitive classes and performance opportunities. $3,000
Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services The funding will support programs that support, educate and advocate for the women and children in their programs. $8,000
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch The grant will support nautical theme programs with activities geared to the physical and mental development of youth aged 9 to 18.  Programs are offered at no cost. $5,000
Out on the Shelf Inc. The funding will support rental space, plan and implement social & supportive programming and Guelph Pride week events and music festival. $4,200
PIN – The People and Information Network The grant will support the organizing of a full-day group volunteer opportunity for 50 at risk youth in Guelph. $3,500
Rainbow Programmes for Children The funds will support the Inclusion program at camps to ensure adequate support from inclusion counsellors for campers with special needs. $5,000
The funding will support the 40th season RCMPI presentations. $2,500
Sexual Health Options, Resources & Education Centre (SHORE) The grant will support the satellite office that was opened last year and support sexual health education programs. $3,250
Shelldale Better Futures Grant Application The funding will support ongoing programs, and promote the healthy development of children, support and promote activities to reduce the poverty gap for children and their families. $10,000
Silence:Guelph’s Portal for Adventurous New Sound Events Funding will support “Pay what you can” option for programming to allow everyone to participate. $5,000
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch The grant will help volunteers cover the cost of extensive training, uniforms, equipment, oxygen and first aid supplies. $3,500
Start2Finish Canada The grant will support the expansion of the Running & Reading Club programs that is currently offered at four schools with expansion into two more schools. $3,000
Strong Start Charitable Organization The funding will support their Letters, Sounds and Words (LSW) program.  Will help approx 115 children learn to read. $1,500
The Guelph Enabling Garden The grant will be used to build an additional raised bed and to repair/replace three 13 year old wooden structures. $5,500
The Julien Project The grant will support horticultural and urban agricultural skill development programs for marginalized youth/adults and therapeutic gardening workshops to support mental health. $4,000
The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends Rainbow Chorus The funding will support the 25th Anniversary with a special concert at the River Run.  Funds will go towards concert production materials, honoraria and promotional materials. $1,600
The West Village Community Development Co-operative Ltd The grant will support on going events – Fall Fair, Winterfest, programs – after school programs, Breakfast Club, Camps and food drives, and backpacks. $5,500
Torchlight Services The funding will be used for ongoing programming to offer meaningful work to people with disabilities, and for repairs to the current Torchlight facility. $8,000
Transition Guelph The grant will support Backyard Caring Program, Guelph Walking Friends, Repair Café, Resilience Festival and the Zero Waste Conference. $7,000
Trinity United Church (for the North End Harvest Market program) The funding will help with the distribution of fresh vegetables, fruit and bread to vulnerable community members. $4,500
Wyndham House Funding will support the Long Term Transitional Housing programs providing long-term stability to young people experiencing a housing crisis through education and life skills necessary to become independently housed. $8,000

Total 2019 Wellbeing Grant amount: $301,100