2015 Community Wellbeing Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2015 Allocation
10 Carden Street Funding will be used to facilitate and market the development of services and additional space. Increased Community Animator hours will improve community collaboration through the organization of workshops and events, and the maintenance of a network of social innovation entrepreneurs. $7,500
Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph This grant will fund free Family Literacy Programs to aid in the development of early literacy skills in children. Parents and caregivers of preschool aged children will receive the support, strategies and expertise of well-trained staff, and information about and referrals to early childhood development services. $11,000
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at (World Religions Conference) Funding for this event will be used to offset facility rental fees, providing extensive opportunity to discuss and resolve issues of inter-cultural and inter-faith friction and build community vitality. $1,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph Funding will be used for program staffing, volunteer recruitment and support, as well as program supplies for the “In-School Mentoring Program” and the integration of “Bank Buddies” for the 2015 academic year. $8,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington Dufferin This grant will support and promote the 2nd annual “I’m a survivor of my own mind” event and street march during mental health week, increasing community awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. $3,500
Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC) of the United Church of Canada This grant will be used to purchase food including dairy and fresh produce for guests at their food pantries. Additional funds will be used to conduct community research and events, including the Guelph Food Summit, provide honoraria and administer grants. $8,500
Dancetheatre David Earle Funding would provide for enhanced marketing and publications, outreach and subsidies. In addition, a part-time Community Programming Coordinator will be hired to strengthen connections and collaboration between groups using studio space thereby increasing awareness and participation in the activities offered. $4,000
Ed Video Media Arts Centre This grant will assist with the provision of all activities, including workshops, an exhibition program for new media work, ongoing mentorship, and support for artists across our community. Funding will make it possible to staff the centre and provide 24-hour edit suites. $13,000
eMerge Guelph eMERGE Guelph seeks to expand the scope of the Transition Streets program across Guelph, and funding will be used to increase the number of facilitators and to develop, assess and refine a Transition Streets Tool Kit. $5,000
eyeGO to the Arts This grant will allow eyeGO to support partners (performance venues and performing arts organizations) by providing marketing exposure through website, social media sites, print materials and ideas on how to increase youth attendance. $1,200
Family Counselling and Support Services (In partnership with J.O.E.) This grant will be used to hire and train job coaches, providing more individuals with developmental disabilities access to job training & assistance. Funding for promotional materials will increase awareness of this program. $5,000
Festival of Moving Media The grant will enable the continued delivery of the festival to the residents of Guelph, and facilitate the growth of the festival through larger more accessible venues, and increased staff time for outreach. $5,000
Focus on Nature Funding will expand and enhance the youth nature photography program, and strengthen organizational capacity to deliver at least 80 full-day workshops in the Guelph area. Outreach, and continued recruiting, training and managing of local volunteers as program assistants and lead instructors will also be funded. $4,000
Guelph & District Multicultural Festival In addition to operating costs, the festival will use the grant to develop different projects and cover the production of festival signage, promotional materials, and the provision of training and an information package for volunteers. $9,500
Guelph Chamber Choir The grant will be used for operating costs associated with staging Mozart’s Requiem. A unique and special event, this dance choreography has toured Canada and Europe to high acclaim. $2,500
Guelph Community Health Centre Funds from this grant will allow for the continuance of the community based food security program. The Garden Fresh Box program provides customers with affordable and local fresh fruits and vegetables. Funding will support expansion of nutrition workshops which assist with creating healthful and delicious meals. $8,000
Guelph Community Singers A graphic designer will be hired to enhance marketing and establish and integrate a brand into all promotional materials, thus increasing membership and sustainability. A display panel to accompany the organization at public appearances and promotional events will also be purchased. $2,000
Guelph Concert Band Funding will assist with the activities of the band, including paying the conductor, rental of rehearsal and concert space, reduced band fees, care of the band instruments, and the provision of reasonably priced concerts, free tickets through local agencies and a free summer series in the park. $2,500
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival Funding will help defray programming, promotion and administrative costs of the festival and assist with expenses from the Guelph Fab 5 promotion, One Dance Market, Youth Moves Performance, public workshops and a series of workshops in schools taught by festival artists. $13,000
Guelph Horticultural Society Funding will be used to purchase plant materials for use in city flower beds and to pay speakers who provide information and education on horticulture and related topics. Guelph Horticultural Society encourages schools to nurture new gardeners and will offer financial assistance if required. $800
Guelph Jazz Festival This grant will support all programs including additional Jazz at Market Square (JAMS) days, and an educational Colloquium that examines music within global cultural contexts. In 2015 access for the community will be strengthened by moving the 3-day event to downtown Guelph. $15,000
Guelph Little Theatre This grant will fund a series of workshops to engage and embrace the artistic community in Guelph. Operational costs will include advertising, administration, class materials and an honorarium or salary to enlist a well-known playwright to share their skills and knowledge with participants. $2,500
Guelph Rugby Football Club These funds would be used for bursaries, field rentals and to purchase equipment necessary to instruct children in non-contact flag rugby. Funding would support the purchase of flag belts, rugby balls and tackle shields. $3,000
Guelph Symphony Orchestra The production of educational and publicity materials, reduced tickets for students, and the operational costs associated with community programs, including the symphonic concert programs, youth and community outreach programs, and the GSOKids program will be assisted through this grant. $10,500
Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis This grant will ensure the continuance, success and increased participation in International Women’s Week, Take Back the Night, the December 6 Vigil and Sisters in Spirit, spreading awareness, and engaging the community in the issues of abuse and sexual violence. $4,000
Guelph Youth Singers Funding will be used for community outreach programs and bursaries. Program operating expenses including weekly rehearsals, training in vocal technique, theory & sight singing, weekend workshops with professionals, social/learning weekends, performance and exchange opportunities are also being funded. $2,500
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph This grant will sustain and broaden initiatives including the festival and educational workshops in aboriginal culture, song writing, peacemaking, health & wellness, and environmental projects, including the Girls & Guitars, and Aboriginal Culture workshops. $13,000
Hospice Wellington This grant will support two art therapy projects. These projects will allow for the further growth and development of art therapy-focused support to the grieving and bereaved members of the community. $7,500
Immigrant Services of Guelph Wellington This operational grant will be used for venues, contracts, honorarium, fees to help in the development of programs that will enable immigrants to participate in the broader community, and programs designed to increase both inclusion and engagement of new immigrants. $7,500
Junior Achievement of Guelph Wellington This grant will fund the development of vital skills and attitudes, and self-confidence of participating high school students by working together to start, operate and wind down a small business. $3,000
Kazoo! Festival This grant will be used to reach a larger portion of Guelph residents through a series of outreach and marketing initiatives, furthering appreciation and enjoyment of the arts. $5,000
Kinette Club of Guelph The grant will contribute to the operational costs of the Christmas Lights bus tour event for seniors, and includes the purchase of food and beverages, poinsettias for the bus drivers, a monetary gift to St. John’s Ambulance, and a donation to the Rotary Club. $550
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph This operating grant will enable the festival to continue providing performance opportunities for aspiring musicians in and around the community, and to provide subsidies for entry fees. $3,000
Lakeside HOPE House Funding will allow for the expansion of several educational programs including fresh produce education, the Circles Out of Poverty program and the offering of an additional Edu-Kitchen each month. Funding will invest in the expansion of the operational hours of a form-filling service. $7,500
Michael House Funding will assist with the provision of a residential housing program for women and their children, as a next step for young families on their journey to living independently. Funding provides housing, access to medical care, food and the support and services need for successful transition. $5,000
Ontario Farmland Trust on behalf of Guelph Wellington Food Round Table Three community events will be planned to raise awareness and build knowledge about community food issues, engage the community in food strategy development, and recruit volunteers for future activities. $3,450
Out on the Shelf Funding will be used for the rental of a permanent shared-spaced location in the downtown area to house the organization’s library and resources, increasing the organization visibility and cultivating diversity in the community. $6,000
Rainbow Chorus The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends Funding will be used for concert production materials, honorarium, and promotional materials, enhancing the reputation of the city as an open and supportive community. $1,400
Silence: Guelph’s Portal for Adventurous New Sound Events This operating grant will permit continued free and low cost programming and space to Guelph residents and visitors, providing an environment for creation, performance and dissemination of work in a safe, and accessible environment. $5,000
Speed River Track and Field Club The grant will be used for the Youth Track and Field Experience, and Downtown Streetfest aspects of the Festival, giving young people the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top athletes and participate in a first class event. $5,000
St. James the Apostle Anglican Church Funding will be used for project coordination, relationship building and the honoraria required to implement three Living on Less Programs in identified neighbourhoods. $7,000
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch Funding will be put towards volunteer uniforms, the training of Advanced Medical First Responders, First Aid supplies and equipment, repairs and fuel for the mobile First Aid post, renting space for Therapy Dog evaluations, and for an evaluator. $6,000
The Guelph Enabling Garden The grant will facilitate the building of an additional raised garden planter and to develop more ground level garden beds as the current inventory of raised accessible planters and ground level beds is not meeting demands. $10,000
Transition Guelph Expansion of the Appleseed Collective, Backyard Sharing, and the Guelph-Wellington Time Bank will be accomplished through the funding of marketing and web development, administration, facility rentals, transportation, water, harvesting and gardening equipment and supplies, and volunteer training. $7,500
Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington Funding will facilitate the launch of a community-wide initiative to encourage volunteerism and promote the benefits of volunteering, encouraging people to connect with each other as volunteers, and to become involved in civic life. $5,000
Wellington Water Watchers In addition to operational expenses, volunteer training, printing and distribution of educational materials, funding will be used to retain staff to coordinate volunteers, increase events, engage and educate the public about water conservation. $7,500
Wyndham House Funding supports the Long Term Transition and Life Skills Development Programs and includes the cost of salaries, groceries for the food and nutrition program, and community engagement surrounding youth homelessness. $11,000

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