2016 Community Wellbeing Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2016 Allocation
Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph This grant supports family literacy programs to caregivers and their preschool aged children, developing early literacy skills in children and providing adults with new skills, and tools. $11,000
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (World Religions Conference) Funding will off-set facility rental fees for the World Religions Conference building bridges between local faith and cultural communities. $1,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph This grant will provide at-risk girls & boys with the support of stable, positive and committed adult role models through In-School Mentoring and Bank Buddies. $7,500
Canadian Centre for Running Excellence Funding supports the Youth Track and Field Experience and Downtown Streetfest, giving young people of all abilities the opportunity to participate and learn from athletes. $5,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington Dufferin Funding supports the “I’m a Survivor of my own mind” event providing an opportunity to celebrate the journey of mental health and recovery from mental illness. $3,000
Chalmers Community Services Centre  Funding supports the continued operation of the growing Serving Families program, providing food to local families, and assisting staff to engage the community. $9,500
Child Witness Centre Funding helps children and their families be less anxious, and empower them to confidently tell their story, ensuring that that they have a voice in the justice process. $1,800
Community of Hearts This grant supports programming that assists adults with developmental disabilities to learn to socialize, strive for independence, and make healthy lifestyle changes. $5,000
ED Video Media Arts Centre This operating grant will be used to staff the centre and provide edit suites, workshops, an exhibition program, mentorships, and support for local artists.  $13,000
Festival of Moving Media The grant permits continued delivery of the festival, and provision of mentoring and exhibition opportunities to local filmmakers through outreach, and the rental of larger, more accessible venues. $5,000
Focus on Nature Funding supports the enhancement of the nature photography program for young people, the delivery of workshops, and outreach to seniors and special-needs individuals. $4,500
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Funding will be used to offset operational expenses including the costs associated with performances and cultural group participation, volunteer support, and fireworks. $10,000
Guelph Black Heritage Society The grant will allow for the preservation of Heritage Hall, including the repair and restoration of windows, and the stone walls of the building’s exterior. $5,000
Guelph Chamber Choir Funding will support two concerts. One features Baroque choral music accompanied by an orchestra and soloists with national and international reputations. A second concert unites local artists for a celebration of choral cathedral music. $2,500
Guelph Community Health Centre This grant will support the development of The Seed’s fresh food storage and distribution program, increasing access to fresh produce for food insecure residents. $8,000
Guelph Community Singers Funding will provide enhanced programming including additional practices, sectional rehearsals, music reading workshops, online practice tracks, and a new rehearsal space with good acoustics and clear sight lines to the musical leadership. $2,000
Guelph Concert Band The grant contributes to the band’s operation, and covers conductor fees, music purchases, and facility rentals, insurance, publicity, and the care of instruments. $4,400
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival Funding will offset programming, promotion and administration expenses associated with the presentation of performance and outreach activities including a variety of accessible, affordable arts programs. $13,000
Guelph Creative Arts Association The grant is to support the operation of three exhibitions “Expression”, “Painting on the Green” and “Inspired” enabling all to view original arts and crafts of local artisans. $1,200
Guelph Enabling Garden  The grant will allow for the installation of a retractable shade cover to provide protective shade beneath the arbor on high UV days, permitting continued programming. $9,500
Guelph Horticultural Society Funding will pay for informative and educational speakers on horticulture and horticultural related topics and for the purchase of plant materials to beautify the city. $800
Guelph Jazz Festival This grant will fund the additional Friday evening at the “Jazz at Market Square” program, including artist fees and production costs, and the purchase of a large tent. $14,000
Guelph Symphony Orchestra The grant will contribute to operational expenses, including staff, facility rentals, performance fees for musicians and guest artists, publicity and educational materials. $10,500
Guelph Wellington Chapter of  Stroke Recovery Canada The grant will be used to cover operating expenses of the Resource Centre, and enhance community support services for stroke survivors and their caregivers.  $2,000
Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis The grant will be used to fund International Women’s Week events, including the Take Back the Night March; Sisters in Spirit, December 6 Vigil. $3,000
Guelph Youth Singers Funding will be used for programming expenses including rehearsals, training, workshops, exchange programs, performance opportunities, bursaries and outreach. $2,500
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph The grant will support the festivals, and broaden initiatives including aboriginal drumming, workshops in aboriginal culture, song writing, and peacemaking. $11,000
Hope House This grant will be used to support programs including Edu-Kitchen, Food Market and Circles, by focusing on procuring fresh produce, meat and eggs. $7,500
Immigrant Services of Guelph Wellington This grant will support programs that encourage immigrants to participate in the community, including the Guelph aMAYzing Fair, and the Youth Integration Program. $5,000
Kazoo! Festival Kazoo! Festival will use the grant to enhance accessibility by expanding all-ages events, utilizing venues outside of licensed establishments, ensuring affordable prices. $5,000
Kinette Club of Guelph Funding will support the operation of the annual Christmas lights bus tour including for seniors providing them with an opportunity to see the lights and socialize. $700
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph Funding will ensure that classes offered by the festival are affordable and accessible to everyone, and encourage participation from those who cannot afford the entry fee. $3,000
Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre Grant funding will ensure continued programming for women and children at risk of living in poverty, providing them with needed housing, food, support and services. $8,000
Navy League of Canada Guelph Branch This grant will be used for training facility maintenance and utility costs, and for conducting training in drill, seamanship, first aid, band, semaphore and leadership. $2,500
New Horizons Band Guelph Funding will allow for the purchase and refurbishing of used tympani, and the purchase of suitable filing cabinets to store and preserve music score sets. $2,700
Norfolk Street United Church Trust / Guelph United Ministries The grant will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to vulnerable citizens, including children who need nutritious food to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. $8,500
Onward Willow Better Beginnings, Better Futures This grant will be used to continue program and service delivery in order to support community members to achieve physical, mental and emotional health. $8,500
Out on the Shelf Funding will contribute towards facility rentals for a library and programming space, and the purchase of library materials including the rights to acquire periodical subscriptions, audio visual materials, e-resources and books. $5,700
Rainbow Chorus The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends Funding will be used for concert production materials, honorarium, and promotional materials, contributing to the strength of both individual and community identity. $1,400
Royal City Musical Productions The grant will offset expenses including facility and equipment rentals, wages for venue staff, ensuring the continued creation of high quality productions. $4,500
Silence The grant supports the continued offering of programming and space at low cost to residents and visitors, in support of experimental music and sound art. $5,000
St. James the Apostle Anglican Church Funding will expand the Living on Less program into two more neighbourhoods, and covers the expense of project coordination and relationship building. $8,500
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch The grant will fund a move to a larger facility, training, the purchase of first aid supplies, fueling and repairs to the Mobile First Aid Post and the hiring of evaluators to test dogs and their handlers. $4,000
Transition Guelph Expansion of the Appleseed Collective, Backyard Sharing, and the Guelph-Wellington Time Bank will be accomplished through the funding of marketing and web development, administration, facility rentals, transportation, water, harvesting and gardening equipment and supplies, and volunteer training. $5,000
Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington Funding will support a communications campaign to demonstrate that volunteering together as a family is a great way to build and strengthen bonds, and have fun. $5,000
Wellington Water Watchers Funding will be used towards the website, to perform outreach, marketing and administration, and the salary of program and event coordinators for and an executive director to coordinate volunteers, and increase programming. $7,500
West Village Community Development Co-operative Funding will support the acquisition and maintenance of program space and operating costs affecting the delivery of programs and events in the neighbourhood. $6,000
Wyndham House The grant allows for the continued provision of quality services offered to homeless youth, including an affordable place to live, that meets their individual needs and provides access to opportunities to learn new skills and improved wellbeing. $12,000

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