2017 Community Wellbeing Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2017 Allocation
10 Carden Shared Space Funding will support community animation, marketing to new community members, and the building of an inclusive environment of trust and collaboration. $10,000
Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph The grant will supports the learning opportunities in the development of early literacy & numeracy skills for parents, caregivers and preschool aged children. $11,000
Bereaved Families of Ontario Funding supports volunteer training and recruitment, growth of a referral base within the community, and the promotional and operating costs of the Living with Loss Program. $3,600
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph This allocation will support the three In-School Mentoring Programs through volunteer recruitment, training and support, program supplies and program staffing. $5,000
Canadian Centre for Running Excellence The grant will support The Speed River Inferno Track and Field Festival, including transportation costs for students, operating, marketing, and entertainment expenses. $5,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington This allocation will support the I’m a Survivor of My Own Mind Walk, GLOWWFest and the GLOWW Bracelet campaign. $3,000
Chalmers Community Services Centre Funding will support continued work to reduce food insecurity in the community; ensuring guests are receiving healthy food in a caring community. $11,500
Child Witness Centre Funding will help children or youth, and their families be less anxious, and empower them to confidently tell their story, while feeling safe and respected in court process. $1,800
Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre This grant will support the expansion of programming, allowing more adults with physical and/or intellectual exceptionalities an opportunity to participate. $6,500
Community Torchlight Funding will support the development of promotional and training materials, and provide training opportunities to volunteers delivering the support service. $4,000
Dancetheatre David Earle This grant will fund the marketing of the dance culture and outreach activities for health and wellbeing, encouraging participation. $4,500
ED Video Media Arts Centre This operating grant will enable 24 hour staffing of the centre and edit suites, workshops, an exhibition program, mentorships, and support for community artists. $13,000
Festival of Moving Media City support will enable the continued affordable delivery of cultural programming by assisting with the hiring of knowledgeable staff, the rental of accessible venues, and outreach to disenfranchised groups. $5,000
Focus on Nature Funding will increase capacity to provide youth programs, and expand programming to include seniors, recent immigrants, and special-needs individuals. $5,000
Guelph & District Multicultural Society The grant will support an increased number of activities and performers, and an evening of fireworks in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday at this year’s festival. $10,000
Guelph Black Heritage Society The grant will support the preservation of Heritage Hall, through the conservation and repair of windows, and the crumbling stone walls of the building’s exterior. $5,000
Guelph Chamber Choir This grant will fund a concert during the pre-Easter season. The funds will be used towards the production costs of J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion at the River Run Centre ensuring the venue and program are accessible. $2,500
Guelph Community Health Centre, The Seed Project This grant will expand delivery of the Seniors and Youth Lunch Program and the Food Skills Program, increasing food skills of youth participants and cultivating a sense of belonging for all participants. $8,000
Guelph Community Singers Funding towards operating costs will allow for enhanced programming for members, while ensuring that memberships and programming remains affordable and accessible. $2,000
Guelph Concert Band This grant will contribute towards rehearsal space and performance venues, in addition to the provision of a free summer concert series. $3,550
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival Funding will be used to support the 19th annual Guelph Dance Festival and celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, a celebration of the various generations that make the Canadian arts community vibrant, rich and diverse. $13,000
Guelph Creative Arts Association This grant will support three fine arts exhibitions (Expressions 2017, Painting on the Green and Inspired 2017), 12 painting days and a workshop, providing an opportunity for all to view local original arts and crafts and interact with the artists at no cost. $1,200
Guelph Horticultural Society Funding will support the purchase of plants to beautify the city, and to hire speakers to provide education on horticulture so attendees may expand their knowledge. $800
Guelph Jazz Festival The grant will support the Guelph Jazz Festival and the 2017 Jazz at Market Square event. Funding will be used to support artists and cover production costs. $14,000
Guelph Little Theatre This funding will assist with improvements to the theatre that will increase safety and accessibility to the community, patrons and arts organizations using the space. $2,500
Guelph Pipe Band Funding will aid with the purchase of new instruments and uniforms for this organizations as they expand to a second pipe band. $5,000
Guelph Rugby Football Club The grant would allow the club to accommodate more teams at an improved youth rugby tournament, and raise the awareness of rugby within the community. $3,000
Guelph Symphony Orchestra The grant will help provide funding for a diverse variety of programs including the GSO Main Stage Concert Series, Free Children’s Concert Series, and GSO Youth Outreach. $10,500
Guelph Wellington Chapter of Stroke Recovery Canada This operating grant will assist members to focus on fundraising and program delivery as a peer support program providing hope to stroke survivors and caregivers. $2,500
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis Funds will support public awareness and participation in the International Women’s Week, Take Back the Night, Sisters in Spirit and the December 6 Vigil events. $3,000
Guelph Youth Singers This operating grant will support rehearsals, workshops, training, and participation in performance opportunities, community outreach initiatives and bursary development. $2,500
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph This operating grant will assist in sustaining the rich and diverse arts programming, and festivals that bring innovative music, and environmental learning to residents. $11,000
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington The grant will increase the capacity for the Circle of Learning program to support immigrants and refugees transition to the Canadian workplace. Funding will support increased outreach, and expanded collaborative partnerships. $6,000
Kazoo! Festival The grant will be used to fund artist fees and program costs related to the presentation of year-round activities including the Kazoo! Music Series. $5,000
Kinette Club of Guelph Funding contributes to the operation and promotion of a festive lights tour and event for seniors, including the purchase of food, drink, poinsettias, and gifts for the seniors. $550
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph Operational funding will ensure the Festival is affordable and accessible to everyone with classes for all ages and levels in a wide variety of musical disciplines and genres as well as Speech Arts and Special Needs classes. $3,000
Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre Funding will support the operation of in-demand programs, providing access to affordable accommodations, education, and informal opportunities to acquire new skills crucial to the health and wellbeing. $9,000
Muslim Society of Guelph The grant will aid in the promotion and organization of the Building Bridges event. By welcoming guests of all ages and backgrounds, the event will demonstrate the value of pluralism and inclusivity. $3,000
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch Funding will be used for the general operation of the program, including maintenance and utility costs for the training facility, and to purchase uniforms and training aids ensuring the program is accessible to all youth and can be offered at no cost. $2,500
Out on the Shelf Funding will cover facility expenses for Guelph’s only LGBTQ-focused library and will aid in the transition from a stand-alone to a networked library with the Guelph Public and McLaughlin Libraries. $5,000
Rainbow Chorus The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends This grant will support concert production materials, honorarium, and promotional materials. These concerts show the community’s support for the GLBT community and contribute to the strength of both individual and community identity. $1,500
Royal City Musical Productions The grant will be used to ensure that RCMPI productions can remain accessible to the community while maintaining a high standard of quality by helping to offset costs associated with mounting amateur theatrical productions. $2,500
Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures Funding will support youth and teen programming in the Onward Willow community, where the need for strong prevention programs for youth is apparent to both local parents and agency partners. $10,000
Silence This operating grant will support the expansion of operations and offerings, and includes the subsidization of rental costs and provision of support mechanisms to artists to provide space for artistic innovation. $5,000
St. James the Apostle Church Funding will enable the Living on Less Program to expand into another neighbourhood and at the University of Guelph by providing sessions focused on eating more simply and living more frugally for those people who are living on less or wish to live on less. $8,500
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch Funding will support evaluation of more Therapy Dog teams, increasing the capacity to visit residents of nursing homes.  The grant also supports facility expenses, fueling and repairs to the mobile First Aid Post, training, uniforms and dog tags. $4,000
The Guelph Enabling Garden This grant provides an opportunity to study the effectiveness of current programs that provide opportunities for gardening for people of all abilities, and define the programming and services to be delivered in Phase 2 of the Guelph Enabling Garden. $5,000
The West Village Community Development Co-operative This operating grant will cover expenses associated with community events, neighbourhood drives, and the development of a communications system. $6,000
Transition Guelph The grant will be applied to operating costs and support the Urban Sugaring Project, Repair Cafes, and a Guelph Tool Library which would loan specialized tools to community members. $5,000
Wellington Water Watchers Funding will support 3 events including the 2Rivers Festival, the 2Rivers Cleanup and the H2Awesome event promoting environmental awareness in the community. $7,500
Wyndham House This operating grant will provide residents with housing that is affordable and adequate to their needs, and access to food and nutrition programs, learning opportunities, and community integration opportunities. $11,200

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