2020 Community Grant Allocations

Organization How funds will be used 2020 Grant Amount Years of Funding
10 Carden Shared Space (10C) Funding will support small non-profits, member networking, and community learning. $8,000 2
Action Read Community Literacy Centre This grant will help free literacy programs, numeracy and essential skill training for all residents of Guelph. $11,000 3
Art Not Shame Funds will facilitate art-making workshops that empower youth to challenge mental health stigma. $5,000 1
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph Funding will support mentoring programs, both community and school based through matching volunteers with children. $5,000 1
Career Education Council Funds will facilitate delivery of career exploration events, workshops, career speakers, skill workshops and an annual job fair. $4,000 1
Chalmers Community Services Centre This grant will provide food, clothing, mending, diapers, small household items, coffee and snacks to members of the community in need. $11,000 3
Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre Funding will support curriculum-based programming for people 16+ with developmental exceptionalities to build independence, self-confidence, and be engaged community members. $6,000 2
Ed Video Media Arts Centre Grant will be used for operations to provide 24-hour edit suites, workshops, and exhibition programs for new media and ongoing mentorship. $12,000 3
Emerge Guelph Sustainability Funding will support free home energy and water assessments and help residents reduce their environmental impact and save money. $7,000 2
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre Funds will support the not-for-profit community teaching farm to grow fresh produce for community partners and engage
the community.
$6,000 1
Focus on Nature This grant will support a connection to nature through the arts for young people in the community. This is done through workshops at elementary schools and a 5-week long camp at the Arboretum. $6,000 2
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival inc. Funds will support the free 3-day annual event held in June supporting cultural awareness and inclusion. $10,000 3
Guelph Black Heritage Society Funding will go towards programming, special events at Heritage Hall, promoting Guelph’s distinctive place in rich Black history. $7,000 2
Guelph Chamber Choir Funds will support sponsoring a choral workshop that will integrate several high school choirs and the Guelph Chamber Choir. $3,000 1
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation This grant will support the coalition to increase the quality, quantity and safety of active transportation in Guelph. $1,500 1
Guelph Comedy Festival Funding will go towards supporting training of raw and new talent, and a number of comedy performances including the four day Comedy Festival. $3,000 2
Guelph Concert Band Funds will support general operating costs, including facility rentals, rehearsal space and performance venues. $3,000 1
Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival This grant will support the annual Guelph Dance Festival as well as a variety of arts education and community engagement activities. $12,000 3
Guelph Creative Arts Association Funds will support three annual juried art shows to provide local artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work. $1,200 1
Guelph Film Festival (A Festival of Moving Media) This grant will support the festival to be more accessible for the visually impaired by including subtitles and having sign language interpreters for panel discussions. $8,000 2
Guelph Jazz Festival Funding will go towards the Market Square program, including the Friday Night Street Music Party that is going into its third year along with the other weekend festival activities. $12,000 3
Guelph Pipe Band Funds will support the development of entry-level players and youth players under 19, and to expand into three bands. $2,000 1
Guelph Rugby Football Club This grant will fund coach development, recruitment, and retention for transition years. $1,500 1
Guelph Symphony Orchestra Funds will go towards six mainstage concerts and youth outreach programs. $9,000 1
Guelph Tool Library Funding will support a number of on-going projects including the Guelph Tool Library, Backyard Caring Program, Guelph Seed Library, Repair Café Guelph and Urban Sugaring Project. $6,000 1
Guelph Youth Singers This grant will support the celebration of the 30th Anniversary, including three events to connect with diverse communities in Guelph. $2,000 1
Guelph Youth Music Centre Funding will support operations to educate, enrich, and foster the development of youth through a number of music and arts programs. $8,000 1
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph Funds will go towards two 3-day festivals featuring indie, Indigenous and world music, song-writing courses, educational workshops in Indigenous culture and song-writing, youth showcases. $7,000 2
HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health (ARCH) Funding will enhance ARCH Peer Engagement Program (APEP) to ensure the program can be sustained long term. $7,500 1
Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington Funds will support a number of programs to support the integration of newcomers in Guelph. $10,000 3
J.O.E. (Jobs.Opportunities.Enterprise) This grant will support adults with developmental disabilities to gain confidence and community connections that can lead to employment opportunities. $10,000 2
Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph Funds will go towards the Music Festival of Guelph that runs for a month every spring and offers unique opportunity for music students to participate in both competitive and/or non-competitive classes. $3,000 1
Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Funding will support ongoing expenses related to services and shelters young women who are pregnant. Also supporting drop-in programs including meals and donations. $9,000 1
Navy League of Canada, Guelph Branch This grant will support general operations of no cost programs and activities focused on the physical and mental development of youth. $5,000 2
Out on the Shelf Inc. Funds will support Guelph Pride events as well as providing a safe space for LGBTQ2I+ resources and to meet. $6,500 2
Rainbow Programmes for Children Funds received will be directed to the daily recreation programs. Campers build confidence, support each other and have fun, whatever their abilities. $7,000 1
Royal City Musical Productions Inc This grant will support three musical productions in the community. $4,000 1
Sanguen Health Centre Funding will go towards the annual operation of the Community Health Van in Guelph to provide a number of outreach and support services. $7,000 1
Shelldale Better Futures Grant Application This grant will support the expansion of current programs that serve families and children in a community hub. $8,500 2
Silence:Guelph’s Portal for Adventurous New Sound Events Funding will go towards diverse musical events and support for local musicians and experimental music. $7,000 3
St. John Ambulance Guelph Branch Funds will support the training of volunteers in first aid for events in the community. $2,000 1
The Guelph Enabling Garden Funding will go towards free horticultural therapy workshops, gardening activities and volunteering opportunities within a safe and inviting environment. $6,500 3
The Guelph Community Health Centre – The SEED This grant will support a number of programs and social enterprises that address the causes and effects of food insecurity in Guelph. $5,000 1
The Julien Project Funds will support the launch of a school rooftop gardening program while continuing current therapeutic horticultural projects with marginalized populations. $4,000 2
The Waterloo Wellington Chorus of GLB & Friends Rainbow Chorus Funding will go towards this community chorus that welcomes members of all genders, sexualities, and gender expressions in a number of events and concerts. $2,000 1
The West Village Community Development Co-operative Ltd This grant will enhance youth recreational programming through a number of programs, activities, and connections to service providers. $5,000 1
Torchlight Services This grant will support the organization to modernize in a number of areas to better support individuals who have various abilities. $8,000 1
Transition Guelph Funds will go towards the upgrade of digital content and to support a number of programs including the resilience festival. $2,000 1
Welcome Drop-In Centre Funding will support the drop-in centre and a number of programs to support those living on a limited income, precariously housed, and homeless. $11,000 3

Total Community Grant for 2020: $307,200