Building our future

Building our Future

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Strategic Plan initiatives and measurements


  • Maintain existing community assets and secure new ones
  • Help increase the availability of housing that meets community needs
  • Continue to build strong, vibrant, safe and healthy communities that foster resilience in the people who live here


  • Percentage of current assets that provide satisfactory levels of service
  • Percentage of affordable residential units (ownership and rental)
  • Percentage of residents who perceive themselves to be safe in the city
  • Improvement in response time for emergency services
  • A sense of belonging to Guelph

Included in this priority

2021 to 2024 budget Impacts

  • An updated Corporate Asset Management Plan that includes the people, the technology and the capital Infrastructure Renewal Funding Strategy to meet the City’s obligation to maintain the current and growing inventory of City Assets.
  • The construction of the Baker District public realm including the Central Library and the South End Community Centre
  • An integrated approach with our local boards and partner agencies to maintain the safety and well-being of our community through emergency response, updated Parks and Recreation Master Plan and delivery of Social Service
  • A proposed one-time investment in the Community Investment Strategy to extend the emergency funding to community non-profit groups who are critical to providing support to our most vulnerable citizens during the Pandemic period.


Total operating budget for Building our Future

Total capital budget for Building our Future

Total corporate budget requests for Building our Future