Sustaining our future

Sustaining our Future

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Strategic Plan initiatives and measures


  • Plan and design an increasingly sustainable City as Guelph grows
  • Create and execute an ambitious and achievable climate adaptation plan
  • Mitigate climate change by reducing Guelph’s carbon footprint


  • Percentage reduction of climate risk exposure for the City’s built and natural assets
  • Percentage increase in renewable energy resources to achieve corporate 100 per cent renewable energy target (100RE)
  • Percentage reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to achieve Community Net-Zero carbon target

Included in this priority

2021 to 2024 budget Impacts

  • Implementation of 100RE initiatives requiring staff resources and capital funding strategy for energy initiatives; most notably the transit fleet electrification strategy.
  • The construction of the Baker District public realm including the Central Library and the South End Community Centre
  • Implementation of the Urban forest master plan.
  • Investment in Solid Waste Services to maintain services to a growing community while planning to be an early adopter of recycling Full Producer Responsibility.
  • Scope expansion of Municipal Comprehensive Review and Master Plans to incorporate revised growth targets to 2051.
  • Adjustment of enhanced development application timing requirements from changing legislation.


Total operating budget for Sustaining our Future

Total capital budget for Sustaining our Future

Total corporate budget requests for Sustaining our Future