Navigating our future

Navigating our Future

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Strategic Plan initiatives and measures


  • Build Guelph’s capacity to adopt clean and efficient technology
  • Provide attractive, affordable and reasonable transportation options for everyone
  • Improve local transportation and regional transit connectivity


  • Percentage of existing municipal fleet/infrastructure converted to clean and efficient technology
  • Percentage change in non-auto mode share
  • Percentage reduction in collision severity
  • Connectivity Index

Included in this priority


Capital Programs of Work

2021 to 2024 budget Impacts

  • Completion of the Transportation Master Plan giving rise to the need for emerging transportation technology planning
  • Completion of a Transit Route Review and undertaking a Transit Master Plan to inform an affordable growth strategy
  • Implementation of red light cameras to enhance community and road safety
  • Continued implementation of the Active Transportation Network and Cycling Master Plan


Total operating budget for Navigating our Future

Total capital budget for Navigating our Future

Total corporate budget requests for Navigating our Future