Off-leash dog parks

Guelph has eight unfenced and two fenced dog parks, in addition to the use of some sports fields for off-leash use.


Fenced off-leash dog parks

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Park Address Features
Bristol Street Park 220 Bristol Street, Guelph, ON, Canada Fenced off-leash dog park, Parking
Peter Misersky Park Peter Misersky Park, Hadati Road, Guelph, ON, Canada Asphalt trails, Community garden, Fenced off-leash dog park, Hardball diamond, Parking, Play equipment, Soccer field, Softball diamond, Stonedust trail

Rules for using fenced in dog parks

Designated unfenced leash-free areas

  • Eramosa River Park
  • Lee Street Park
  • Riverside Park (GRCA lands west of the Speed River, north of Woodlawn Road)
  • Norm Jary Park
  • Margaret Greene Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Crane Park
  • John Gamble Park (Hydro corridor)

Please refer to the map above for the designated leash-free area in each park.

Unoccupied sports fields

Some unoccupied sports fields are available for dogs to run off-leash. They include:

  • Bailey Park Multi-Use 1
  • Bailey Park Softball 2
  • Centennial Park Softball 9
  • Colonial Drive Park Softball 1
  • Deerpath Drive Park Soccer 1
  • Dovercliffe Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Dovercliffe Park Mini-Soccer 2
  • Eramosa River Park Baseball 1
  • Eramosa River Park Baseball 2
  • Exhibition Park Softball 2
  • Franchetto Park Multi-Use 1
  • Grange Road Park Soccer 1
  • Green Meadows Park Soccer 1
  • Green Meadows Park Softball 2
  • Hanlon Creek Park Soccer 1
  • Howitt Park Baseball 1<
  • Hugh C. Guthrie Park Softball 1
  • Margaret Greene Park Softball 3
  • Margaret Greene Park Softball 4
  • MacAlister Park Multi-Use 1
  • Mollison Park Softball 2
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 1
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 2
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 3
  • Orin Reid Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Orin Reid Park Mini-Soccer 2
  • Pineridge Park Softball 1
  • Rickson Park Softball 2
  • Riverside Park Multi-Use 1
  • Riverside Park Multi-Use 2
  • Riverside Park Softball 3
  • Royal City Park Softball 1
  • Skov Park Softball 1
  • Sleeman Park Softball 1
  • University Village Park Baseball 1
  • W. E. Hamilton Park Softball 1
  • Wilson Farm Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Woodland Glen Park Softball 1
  • York Road Park Baseball 1
  • York Road Park Soccer 2
  • York Road Park Softball 3

Dogs must be leashed immediately when someone enters the sports field to use it, regardless of who was there first or their purpose for playing.

Read our Leash Free Policy to learn how we assess, build, maintain and enforce off-leash dog parks.


Monday, September 4 from 1:15 to 3 p.m.

There are two swimming sessions between 1:15 and 3 p.m. Each swim is 45 minutes in length, starting at 1:15 or 2:15 p.m.

The dog swim is free but pre-registration is required so we can manage the number of participating dogs.  

Registration begins on Thursday, August 31. Register online through,  in-person at our recreation facilities or over the phone by calling 519-837-5699.

We have set a limit of one dog per two people for each swim session. However, if you have more than one dog we ask that you register another family member. If you are the only family member, and want to bring more than one dog, please call 519-822-1260 extension 2641 to make arrangements.

No, your dog must be licensed to participate in the swim.

No, there’s no size or weight limit.

Your dog should be comfortable in the water.

No, only dogs are allowed in the pool. Owners can watch from the pool deck.

No, please leave toys at home.

This is a leash-free event; however, dogs must be leashed arriving at and leaving the pool area. Owners are responsible for their dog. All the same rules from our leash-free areas apply to the swim.

If a dog is showing unfriendly behaviour towards people or other dogs, City staff will ask you to remove your dog from the pool area. It’s important to know that dogs will be active and playing. The swim will be a stimulating environment and dogs must be comfortable around other dogs for the safety of all human and canine guests.

Because dogs are more likely to drink water from the pool, we’re lowering the chlorine level. It is also recommended that you wash your dog after the swim to remove any chlorine from their fur/skin.

Fresh drinking water stations are available, and we invite you to bring your own water.

Food isn’t allowed in the pool area.

The Guelph Humane Society will have a booth at the event. They’re also accepting financial donations to support their mission of promoting the welfare of animals and preventing cruelty and suffering.

In the event of lightning or heavy rain, we will cancel the event. We will share any cancellation via the City’s Twitter and Facebook pages.