Off-leash dog parks

Fenced and open off-leash parks

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Guelph has eight open off-leash areas for dogs in parks. We are building two new fenced dog parks by the end of 2019 and fencing a third dog park in 2020.

New fenced dog parks:

  • Peter Misersky Park
  • Bristol Street Park

Leash free parks and fields

Designated unfenced leash-free areas

  • Eramosa River Park
  • Lee Street Park
  • Riverside Park (GRCA lands west of the Speed River, north of Woodlawn Road)
  • Norm Jary Park
  • Margaret Greene Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Crane Park
  • John Gamble Park (Hydro corridor)

Please refer to the map above for the designated leash-free area in each park.

Unoccupied sports fields

Some unoccupied sports fields are available for dogs to run off-leash. They include:

  • Bailey Park Multi-Use 1
  • Bailey Park Softball 2
  • Centennial Park Softball 9
  • Colonial Drive Park Softball 1
  • Deerpath Drive Park Soccer 1
  • Dovercliffe Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Dovercliffe Park Mini-Soccer 2
  • Eramosa River Park Baseball 1
  • Eramosa River Park Baseball 2
  • Exhibition Park Softball 2
  • Franchetto Park Multi-Use 1
  • Grange Road Park Soccer 1
  • Green Meadows Park Soccer 1
  • Green Meadows Park Softball 2
  • Hanlon Creek Park Soccer 1
  • Howitt Park Baseball 1
  • Hugh C. Guthrie Park Softball 1
  • Margaret Greene Park Softball 3
  • Margaret Greene Park Softball 4
  • MacAlister Park Multi-Use 1
  • Mollison Park Softball 2
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 1
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 2
  • Norm Jary Park Softball 3
  • Orin Reid Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Orin Reid Park Mini-Soccer 2
  • Pineridge Park Softball 1
  • Rickson Park Softball 2
  • Riverside Park Multi-Use 1
  • Riverside Park Multi-Use 2
  • Riverside Park Softball 3
  • Royal City Park Softball 1
  • Skov Park Softball 1
  • Sleeman Park Softball 1
  • University Village Park Baseball 1
  • E. Hamilton Park Softball 1
  • Wilson Farm Park Mini-Soccer 1
  • Woodland Glen Park Softball 1
  • York Road Park Baseball 1
  • York Road Park Soccer 2
  • York Road Park Softball 3

Dogs must be leashed immediately when someone enters the sports field to use it, regardless of who was there first or their purpose for playing.

All leash free areas are open for use from dawn to dusk.

Read our Leash Free Policy to learn how we assess, build, maintain and enforce off-leash dog parks.

Off-leash and under control

As a part of our Animal Control Bylaw, dogs must be under control at all times, respond to voice commands and be prevented from approaching other animals or people without permissions. Owners must pick up after their dog as a part of the Stoop and Scoop Bylaw.

Pit bulls must be leashed, muzzled and under the control of their guardians in leash-free parks as a part of the Dog Owner’s Liability Act (DOLA).

Report a concern about animals

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