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The City of Guelph trails map will be updated following the Guelph Trails Master Plan Update process.

Map of all city trails

Learn which trails are maintained during winter

Speed River Trail

Length: 3.4 kilometres

  • Speedvale Avenue East to Victoria Road North via Riverside Park.
    Speedvale Avenue to Marilyn Drive section is the Trans Canada Trail/Gus
    Stahlman Trail.

Speed River Trail map

CNR Spurline Trail

Length: 1.6 kilometres

  • Dufferin Street to London Road via Exhibition Park.

CNR Spurline Trail map

Downtown Trail/ Trans Canada Trail

Length: 4.3 kilometres

  • Starting at Heritage Park, head north along the Speed River through John Galt, Goldie Mill and Joseph Wolfond Park West, continue along the rail corridor at Marcon Street to Speedvale Avenue. Pick up the trail on the east side of Speed River through Riverside Park; head west over the bridge and end at the Woodlawn Cemetery.
  • Accessing the Downtown Trail

Downtown Trail map

Laura Baily Memorial Trail

Length: 1.5 kilometres

  • Grange Road Park through Hadati Creek Wetlands to Buckthorn Crescent via Grange Road, Eastview Road, Trimble Court, Ireland Place and Starwood Drive.

Laura Baily Memorial Trail map

Eramosa River Trail

Length: 4.1 kilometres

Eramosa River Trail map

Silvercreek Trail

Length: 4.9 kilometres

  • Royal City Park to Janefield Avenue via Silvercreek Park, Centennial Park and W.E. Hamilton Park.

Silvercreek Trail map

Hanlon Creek Trail

Length: 2 kilometres

  • University Village Park to Hanlon Creek Park.

Hanlon Creek Trail map

Hanlon Creek Conservation Area

Length: 12.5 kilometres

Kortright Road between Edinburgh Road and Scottsdale Drive.

Watson Creek Trail

Length: 1.5 kilometres

Watson Parkway North and Grange Road to Watson Road North via Joe Veroni Park, Severn Drive and Fleming Road.

Watson Creek Trail map

University of Guelph Arboretum Trails

Length: 11.5 kilometres

Trails, tree collections, gardens and wooded areas at the University of Guelph Arboretum
Trails are not owned or maintained by the City of Guelph. View trail map.

Guelph Lake Trail

Length: 2.8 kilometres

Access the trail at Victoria Road North at Speed River towards east to the Guelph Lake dam and beyond. This trail is maintained by Guelph Off Road Bicycling Association (GORBA). View trail map.

Guelph Humane Society Trailhead

Length: 13 kilometres

Speed River Trail to the outskirts of Cambridge. The Guelph trailhead is adjacent to the parking area of the former Guelph Humane Society site off Wellington Road. Note, parking is limited to five cars, please consider cycling or carpooling. The footpath is informal and is maintained by the Guelph Hiking Trail Club. Please note: Use of this trailhead could be interrupted in 2014 due to construction in the area. For further information contact the Guelph Hiking Trail Club.

Radial Line Trail Access

Length: 2.3 kilometres

From Stone Road East, turn south onto the roadway at the sign to the Barber Scout Camp and drive to the parking area at the bottom of the grade. Follow the orange blazes 2.3 kilometres to Victoria Road. The footpath is maintained by Guelph Hiking Trail Club. For more information on hiking opportunities visit the Guelph Hiking Trail Club’s website.

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