Grass maintenance

When was the last time we cut the grass?

We usually mow grass in parks and sports fields every 10 business days. You can use the grass maintenance map to see when a park or sports field was mowed. Enter the name of the park or tap on the map to view the mowing schedule and history.

Report a problem on a sports field

  • Irrigated (watered) sports fields are mowed every five business days, between Victoria Day and September 30
  • Other sports fields are mowed every 10 business days between May 1 and September 30.

Please let us know about problems with sports field conditions, long grass, line painting, gravel surfaces etc. We will respond within two business days.

Report long grass or weeds in parks or boulevards

  • Parks are mowed every 10 business days
  • Boulevards in urban areas are mowed every 15 business days
  • Boulevards in rural areas are mowed twice a year; once in late spring/early summer and once in the fall.

If a park or boulevard has not been mowed as scheduled, please let us know and we will respond within two business days.

Please don’t disrupt stormwater ponds

Stormwater management ponds may look like natural areas, but they’re an important part of the City’s infrastructure. Plants and long grass help ponds function properly.

Please don’t add or remove plants near stormwater ponds.

Stormwater management ponds help prevent floods and reduce pollution in Guelph’s rivers and waterways.