Park planning

Guelph has over 1000 hectares of parks and open space where you can find over 70 km of trails and paths, and heritage features including Allan Mill, Goldie Mill, IODE Fountain, Blacksmith Fountain, Riverside Floral Clock Gardens, John McCrae Gardens, Speed Skating Rink Façade, Guelph Farmers’ Market, and the Boathouse.

Park planning and revitalization

Parkland Dedication Bylaw and reserve funds

Guelph’s Parkland Dedication Bylaw ensures that our parks and open spaces grow along with the rest of the city.

When considering planning and development applications under The Ontario Planning Act applicants may be required to transfer land for parks or other public recreation purposes or provide payment in lieu of parkland.

Funds collected through payment in lieu of parkland or the sale of dedicated parkland help the City:

  • Purchase new parks
  • Build, improve or repair recreational buildings
  • Purchase equipment for parks and recreation spaces

Parkland Dedication Bylaw Review

Changes to legislation require municipalities in Ontario, including ours, to review our Parkland Dedication Bylaw in order to continue using the “alternative rate” from subsection 42(3) of the Planning Act. Learn more about this review.

Parkland reserve fund statements

2017 Parkland Dedication Reserve Fund Statement

2018 Parkland Dedication Reserve Fund Statement