Skating: natural ice rinks

Natural ice rinks

Community ice rinks are maintained by Neighbourhood Volunteers.

You are invited to share the use of these unsupervised ice rinks.

As the use of an ice skating rink and other recreational facilities has an inherent risk, any participation is at the user’s own risk. No responsibility is accepted or undertaken for the well-being of either the user or their property.

Ice rink user’s responsibility code

  • CSA approved hockey helmets are strongly recommended for skaters’ and hockey players’ protection. Bike helmets do not provide adequate protection. Neck guards and face masks are strongly recommended for hockey players.
  • Skating or acting in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skaters’ safety or pleasure is not permitted.
  • Supervision of children under the age of 12 is strongly recommended. Abusive language and aggressive behaviour are not permitted. Be respectful and responsible.
  • City issued pond hockey-styled nets are preferred.
  • Report any vandalism to the Parks Department 519-837-5626. Report serious misconduct to the police.


Ice rink availability is based on weather and volunteers. Not all of these rinks may be operational each winter.