Community garden

Sunny Acres Park

Was the property of Freceric Wyatt, Guelph lawyer, chairman of the library board for 30 years who secured funding from Carnegie for the former library building, chairman of the board of Trade and local provincial magistrate.

Sunny Acres Community Garden

The community garden space is located in Sunny Acres Park off Edinburgh between Waterloo and Paisley.

Lyon Park

Third park to be acquired in the City. In 1908 the park was donated by John Walter Lyon. The donation of the park was under the condition that the City would spend $250/year for 10 years to develop the park and Mr. Lyon would match the funding. Early amenities in the park included a canoe landing in the Eramosa River, a bathing house and a bandstand.

Goldie Park

Goldie Park Community Garden

Located at Goldie Park at the junction of Goldie Avenue and Memorial Crescent, this is a volunteer run community and learning garden.

Wooden sign with the words Goldie Park