Bicycle skills facility

An image of an asphalt style bicycle track, with hills to practice bicycle skills

Bicycle skills facilities are growing in popularity between many age groups. In 2016, City Council directed staff to determine whether there is a community need for an off-road bicycle skills facility in Guelph and where a facility could be created.

The City has determined that Eastview Community Park would be an ideal setting for an outdoor skills facility and are working towards engaging our community members to determine:

  • If the community has a need for such a facility
  • What a bicycle skills facility should include
  • Which age ranges the facility should be built for
  • What amenities the facility should have
Proposed bicycle skills facility located within Eastview Park, Guelph,Ontario, adjacent to trails and soccer facility and along the southeasterndriveway into the park from Watson Parkway North

Best feasible site location for a City of Guelph owned and operated bike skills facility


Winter 2016: Council decision

Council directs staff to investigate an opportunity to build a bicycle skills facility

Summer 2017: Research

Staff conduct background research including the benefits of mountain biking, use of current skatepark and BMX facility and other municipalities with bicycle skills facilities.

Fall 2017: Findings

A staff report went to Council in November 2017. Staff recommended three things:

  1. Begin engaging the community
  2. Eastview Community Park is the preferred location
  3. Revise the Eastview Park Master Plan to include a bicycle skills facility

Spring 2018: Engagement

Staff surveyed the community from July 27 to August 13, 2018 to determine if the community is interested in having a bicycle skills facility at Eastview Community Park and what types of amenities they think should be included.

Community feedback was presented to Council as an Information Report on March 15, 2019.


For more information

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Open Space Planning, Parks and Recreation
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