Environmental Services: Classroom presentations


The City of Guelph provides many community services that are fundamental to our everyday life. We seldom think of where our water comes from, as long as it continues to flow from the tap; or where our wastewater goes beyond the flush or drain; or what happens to our waste, recyclables and organics after the trucks pick them up at the curb.

The City is keen to show our community what happens behind the scenes, why these services are so important and how each member of our community can help to ensure these services run smoothly and effectively.

Classroom presentations

City staff offer in-class presentations about water, wastewater and solid waste services.

Water and Wastewater Education Program: Grade 2

Water and Wastewater Education Program: Grade 8


Water plays a valuable role in our everyday lives. Presentations include information about where we source our drinking water, how it gets to our treatment plant, the steps we take to treat the water, and how we get it to every home and business. In addition, we explore our connections to water, direct and indirect and how our actions influence our natural environment here in Guelph and beyond.

Stormwater and wastewater

Once we flush the toilet, we rarely think about that wastewater, and we talk about it even less. This presentation covers the journey and destination of our wastewater. Groups will understand the various processes we use to treat wastewater, and the various resource recovery processes that take place at the City’s Water Resource Innovation Centre. Presentations will discuss the difference between wastewater and stormwater, and where they flow. Students will learn how household behaviours can have major impacts on our infrastructure, because what goes down comes around.

Solid waste

In this presentation, we follow the movement of materials that are discarded into waste carts. Participants will learn about the City’s Material Recovery Facility where all materials from the recycling cart are sorted and sold for profit, as well as the process of turning organics into compost.

Register today

We encourage teachers and other group leaders to pre-register online for an in-class presentation.

Once we receive your registration, staff will contact to arrange the in-person presentation. Presentations are scheduled based on staff availability. Participating schools must be within Guelph’s city boundary.


We are currently unable to offer in-person tours of our Water Resource Innovation Centre. Please check back later or contact us for more information.

For more information

If you have questions before you register for an in-person presentation, please contact us at [email protected] or call 519-822-1260 extension 2189.