Water Smart Business

Financial incentives for saving water at your business

The City of Guelph is working with industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) water customers to review business processes and recommend solutions to help your business save water and save money.

The City can help cover the cost of water audits, calculate the payback period, and offer financial incentives to support your investment in water-saving technologies.

To qualify, your business must be located in Guelph, use the municipal water supply, and have a water account administered by the City of Guelph.

Free Water Smart Business consultation

To get started, please tell us a bit about your business. We will arrange a site visit and discuss your water conservation project(s). Use the form below or call 519-822-1260 extension 3494.

Water Smart Business application

Water Smart Business case studies

Sleeman Breweries upgraded their bottle line pasteurizer to save $266,000 a year. Read the Sleeman Breweries case study.

Vehcom Manufacturing upgraded their water filtration system, received a $10,168 incentive, and reduced annual water costs by more than $80,000. Read the Linamar Vehcom Manufacturing case study.

About Guelph’s water reviews, audits and financial incentives

industrial, commercial and institutional customers using less than 10 cubic metres per day of municipal water receive a free water review conducted by City of Guelph staff over a 30-day period. If water systems are complex you may qualify for a water audit.

ICI customers using more than 10 cubic metres per day of municipal water qualify for a water audit conducted by a third-party consultant over a seven-day period. The facility owner is responsible for hiring a qualified consultant. The City will cover 50 per cent of the cost of the audit to a maximum of $10,000.

If your planned water conservation project has a payback period of more than 12 months, you may qualify for a $750 per cubic metre per day incentive up to a maximum of $100,000 per project (not to exceed the total project cost).

After you complete your investments and upgrades, submit your application to receive a one-time financial incentive.

Your business may complete more than one water conservation project; each project is eligible for one-time funding under the Water Smart Business program.

Please review all Water Smart Business terms and conditions before making investments or submitting your application.

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