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Water rebates – save money and water

Local businesses using high volumes of water save money on their water bills when they take advantage of rebates and financial incentives.

The City will compensate the cost for installing permanent, water conservation upgrades, up to $100,000. The program includes free water reviews and rebates of up to $10,000 for the cost of a third-party water audit.

Join the movement! Since 2018, the Water Smart Business program has provided over $100,000 in incentives to Guelph businesses investing in water-saving projects. Don’t miss out!

Save water. Save money. It’s smart business.

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To qualify, your business must be in Guelph, you must use the municipal water supply and have a water account administered by the City of Guelph.

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How it works:

  • Book a water audit with a qualified consultant to get real-time water use data and tailored recommendations; the City will cover 50 per cent or up to $10,000 of the cost of your audit.
  • Complete a qualifying water-saving project.
  • Get instant savings on your water bill and $750 for each verified cubic meter of water saved per day up to $100,000.

Water reviews and financial incentives

Industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) customers using less than 10 cubic metres per day of municipal water are eligible for a free water review conducted by the City of Guelph over a 30-day period. If water systems are complex, you may qualify for a water audit.

IC&I customers using more than 10 cubic metres per day of municipal water qualify for a water audit conducted by a third-party consultant over a seven-day period. The business owner is responsible for hiring a qualified consultant. The City will cover 50 per cent of the cost of the audit to a maximum of $10,000.

If your planned water conservation project has a payback period of more than 12 months, you may qualify for a $750 per cubic metre per day incentive up to a maximum of $100,000 per project (not to exceed the total project cost).

We are happy to talk with you about the Water Smart Business program and help you with the application process. Reach out anytime!

What are industry leaders doing?

Why is saving water important?

Guelph’s drinking water comes from limited supply, under the ground.
Groundwater comes from rain and melted snow that seeps into open spaces and cracks in soil and rock. Guelph has 21 groundwater wells and a shallow groundwater collector system. The water from the wells and collector system is treated and distributed to the community. This is safe, clean high-quality water that we drink, cook with and bathe in.

The City of Guelph’s drinking water source is groundwater. As such, and under the Clean Water Act, a considerable area within the City is considered to be vulnerable from a water quality and quantity perspective.

The less water you use, the less energy the City has to use to deliver it to the community, and treat it before it goes down the drain. Being energy-efficient is one way the City is achieving Race To Zero goals. Using less water also means we can delay having to find and bring on new water sources which has costs related to building new wells, treatment facilities and underground pipes.

Six affordable actions you can do now!

Every business is different and faces different challenges. Here are actions any sized business can take to save water, save money because it’s smart business.

1. Monitor your bill for unexpected changes

  • Higher bills could indicate a potential problem such as a leak
  • Install a submeter, as it is best practice. Next, monitor your submeter as most companies provide software to allow for this.

2. Install a submeter

  • A water submeter lets you measure water consumption by the minute. This allows for easier monitoring and leak detection, identifying inefficient plumbing fixtures, and water-wasting activities (like a broken solenoid valve).
  • Check with your insurance provider for any cost savings associated with having a submeter installed.

3. Ensure proper upkeep and maintenance

  • Check for leaks, even small ones can be costly. This is easier with a submeter installed.
  • Keep your pipes free of debris, fats, oils and grease

4. Replace fixtures with efficient models

  • Look for WaterSense-certified models.

5. Encourage employees to adopt water efficiency best practices

  • Educate staff and provide opportunities for employees to bring forward new ideas on how your business can become more water efficient.

6. Go a step further

  • Look for other opportunities to save water through equipment upgrades or process changes
  • Reach out to the City as we have resources that may help you (e.g. best practices, commercial kitchen guides, and consultations).

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