Greywater rebate

Install a greywater reuse system and get a $1000 rebate

Greywater systems collect and filter the water from your shower or bathtub so you can reuse the water to flush your toilets. With a greywater system you could use up to 30% less water and save money on your water bill.

A greywater reuse system automatically makes your home eligible for Blue Built Home certification.

Contact us before you buy or install a greywater system

Please call us to ensure rebate funds are available, then read, sign and submit one of the forms below to tell us if you are planning to install a greywater system in a newly-built home or an existing home.

Intent to apply for greywater rebate – newly-built home

Intent to apply for greywater rebate – retrofit existing home

When we receive your signed form, we will send you written permission to participate in the greywater system rebate program.

Hire a licenced plumber

Your greywater system must be installed by a qualified plumbing contractor to qualify for a rebate.

Building permits and backflow prevention

Your home must have a backflow prevention device installed by a licenced plumber, and you will need a building permit to install a greywater reuse system. Please contact our Building Services team for more information.

Submit your application, proof of purchase and installation

Greywater rebate application – newly-built home

Greywater rebate application – retrofit existing home

Schedule a final plumbing inspection

After your greywater system is installed please contact the City’s Building Services team to schedule a final inspection. If your inspection is successful, you will receive a written notice.

Get your rebate and Blue Built Home certification

We will send you a rebate cheque and Blue Built Home certification within four weeks of your completed inspection.

For more information

City of Guelph Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2116
[email protected]