Rainwater harvesting system rebate

Get a rebate from the City of Guelph when you install a rainwater harvesting system.

Using rainwater to flush your toilets, do your laundry or water your lawn or garden saves you money, is better for your plants, helps conserve Guelph’s groundwater and reduces demands on municipal infrastructure.

Seasonal rainwater system

Get a rebate up to $2000

During spring and summer, about half your household water is used outdoors for gardening, lawn watering and car washing.

Install an approved seasonal outdoor rainwater harvesting tank and receive a one–time rebate of $0.50/litre of tank storage (to a maximum of $2,000).

To qualify for a rebate a single-unit seasonal rainwater harvesting system must be at least 500 litres, designed and manufactured for the direct purpose of rainwater collection, and include a secure lid (child-proof), leaf screen, and—for above ground installation—must be algae and ultraviolet (UV) resistant.

After we receive your application and verify that your system is approved, you will received a rebate within 12 weeks. Limit one rebate per household.

Rain barrels, repurposed or homemade tanks do not qualify for the rebate.

A seasonal outdoor rainwater harvesting system is connected typically to a downspout and includes:

  • a leaf screen
  • a storage tank that holds at least 500 litres
  • a hose
  • a small pump

You can purchase system package, or ask an engineer to design a system for you. Some systems may require assistance from a contractor or engineer familiar with rainwater harvesting systems and/or a qualified plumbing contractor.

If your system will be connected in any way to your home’s plumbing (hose bib or tap) you will need a building permit.

Apply for a seasonal rainwater system rebate

To ensure the seasonal tank you purchase and install qualifies for the rebate, please refer to the following:

Seasonal Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate Application

You must apply for the rebate within a year of purchasing/installing the system.

All–season rainwater system

Get a $2000 rebate and Blue Built Home certification

Using rainwater all year round can cut your water bill in half!

All–season indoor/outdoor systems require a building permit, must be designed and built in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.

To qualify for a rebate and Blue Built Home certification, you must hire a rainwater harvesting contractor, engineer and/or qualified plumbing contractor to design and install the system.

Apply for an all-season indoor/outdoor rainwater system rebate

Terms and Conditions: All–Season Indoor/Outdoor Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate Program

Rebate Application Form: All–Season Indoor/Outdoor Rainwater Harvesting System

Rebates for approved all-season indoor/outdoor rainwater harvesting systems will be honoured for purchases and installations completed on or after January 1, 2010.

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