Sewer credit for business

Industrial, commercial and institutional customers who reduce their wastewater treatment needs by at least 25 per cent may qualify for a credit on their bill, paid once a year.

The credit applies to 75 per cent of the difference between the amount of water used and the amount water sent into the City’s sewer system, measured from January 1 to December 31 of the previous year.

(Water used – water sent down drain) x 75% = eligible volume

(Eligible volume x current wastewater rate) x 75% = credit dollar amount

The calculation is designed to provide a valuable incentive to customers, encourage water conservation, and cover the infiltration and inflow costs shared among all City of Guelph water and wastewater customers.

Sample sewer credit calculation

If your business uses use 100,000 m3 a year and diverts 25,000 m3 from the wastewater system, you would get a $25,875 sewer credit.

(100,000 m3 – 75,000 m3) x 75% = 18,750 m3 eligible volume

(18,750 m3 x by 1.92/m3) x 75% = $27,000 credit amount

Please note: this example uses 2020 sewer rates. View current water wastewater and stormwater rates.

The wastewater credit does not apply to:

  • Changes to over strength agreements and associated costs
  • Wastewater volumes from leaks and process malfunctions
  • Water volumes for irrigation or other outdoor water uses

How to qualify

Participants must:

  • be an industrial, commercial or institutional customer in Guelph and connected to the City’s water supply and wastewater treatment systems;
  • divert at least 25 per cent of the water purchased from the City away from the wastewater treatment system; and
  • submit the wastewater credit application by March 1 to receive a credit for the previous calendar year.

Please read the Sewer Abatement Credit Policy

Complete the sewer credit application

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