Well and septic decommissioning rebate

Decommissioning unused, private wells and septic systems helps:

  • protect Guelph’s drinking water by eliminating a pathway for contaminants, viruses and pathogens
  • reduce your liability by removing a hazard for people and animals who may fall into large diameter wells or septic system access points

To qualify for the well and septic decommissioning rebate

  • The well and/or septic system must be located on private property.
  • The property must not be owned by a corporation or partnership, or occupied or operating an industrial or commercial enterprise.
  • The property owner must not have any outstanding debt to the City.
  • Property must be in Guelph with access to City water and sanitary services.
  • The Property owner must ensure any connection or piping (including electrical wiring from a pre-existing well pump or any plumbing to or from the well or septic system) for the well or septic system must be disconnected or removed before decommissioning.

How to get a rebate

Complete the well or septic decommissioning rebate application

The City reviews the application, then schedules and completes an on-site inspection of the well. In the instance of septic decommissioning, the applicant must provide the most recent inspection report.

Get two quotes

Please send the City of Guelph:

  • Two quotes from a Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks licensed water well contractor, or qualified septic system contractor
  • A copy of the well contractors’ licence and/or the septic installers Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) from the Ministry of Municipal Housing and Affairs (MMAH)
  • A record of when the septic tank was pumped out.

The City reviews the quotes and tells you if the work can proceed, or if there are deficiencies that must be addressed. The contractor can start the decommissioning after receiving approval from the City.

When the work is complete

Please send the following to the City of Guelph:

  • Provide proof of payment – receipts/invoices from contractor(s) marked “paid in full”
  • The contractor’s record showing the well and/or septic was decommissioned in accordance with the Ontario Regulation 903 or the Ontario Building Code, respectively.

The City reviews these documents and completes a follow-up site inspection.

Once all of the above is complete, the City sends the rebate to the applicant.

Complete the application form below to apply for the private well or septic decommissioning rebate program.


Well and septic decommissioning rebate terms and conditions

For more information

City of Guelph Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2543
[email protected]